You could be expenditure half the time you need to in the gym to get just as jacked.

If you Pullman for an hour or longer and aren't a choice athlete – there's a pretty good accidental you could be doing things much more effectively. 

So, if you're going to be expenditure less time in the gym but receiving the same amount (or more) effort done, where is that time pending from?

You predicted it, your rest periods.

Don't worry; you can use motionless rest, this isn't circuit training!

But it would help if you were keen on it.

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Beforehand we get into that, let's get a few footings out of the way. You'll need to distinguish these three.

1. Super Set

Two exercises did back to back that target different muscle collections (i.e. Chest flies and tricep extensions). You'll see poverty to include plenty of these in your package.

2. Compound Set

Two exercises did back to back, which targets a similar muscle group (i.e., Chin-ups and bicep curls). You can comprise a few of these, but not as much as supersets, as they induce much additional fatigue in the board muscle group.

3. Giant Set

Three movements performed back to back. The training effect starts to kick in with these, and they would be used frugally.

With these movements in mind, I'll dissect an even training program and show you how to enhance your time in the gym. Tolerate in mind this is a package designed for all-out hypertrophy (muscle size).


When you're exercise for strength, you'll want to boundary the use of the above methods and rest up big (3+ minutes per workout), as you essential this rest to recover sets of heavy compound lifts.

You Get to the Gymnasium

Today you're drumming chest, shoulders, and triceps – your final push day. First up you get your multiple exercises out of the way. You have additional energy at the twitch, so go for your two leading various practices of choice for chest and bears. I'd endorse some form of bench press and overhead press.

As you're exercise for hypertrophy, shoot for wherever between 6-15 reps for all movements.

Let's say that you do 4 sets with a 2-minute rest in-between. You get these done (you're sensation alpha today), and so far, you've remained in the gym for about 20 minutes.

Now, this where you'd typically start your accessory work – incline dumbbell presses, side raises, tricep work, etc.

The object is, if you're doing these movements as you typically would – three sets of lateral raises with one miniature rests, then three games of tricep pushdowns with one minute rests – you're degenerative time.


Since you can hit these muscles in separation (i.e., lateral raise – delts and tricep pushdown), meaning that execution, a set of one will have no result on the other. You won't lose any forte performing these back to spinal, so make sure you do – using a beautiful set.

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100% precise. However, let's look at your goalmouth. You're annoying to get jacked. You don't care about exciting heavyweight since this is hypertrophy training. Your strengths don't know how much weight you're by – all they know is the tautness they're put under.

Because you've exhausted your triceps slightly, you may find it essential to use a somewhat lighter heaviness on your next set on the bench, but your torso will still be working just as firm. Why? Because you've exhausted your triceps and abridged the weight to house this weakness – the quantity of work obligatory from your chest remains genuine. Sweet right?

Use this superset method for all accessory work.


After The Main Lifts

When you twitch your accessory work, pull with a couple of supersets. A sample development would be the incline dumbbell press and tricep hollows, rest for 1.5 minutes, and recurrence for three sets. Now you've remained in the gym for 27.5 minutes.

The next superset could be a located dumbbell shoulder press and a tricep kickback. Over, shoot for three sets and rest for 1.5 minutes later. You've now been in the gymnasium for 35 minutes.

I'm unquestionably you've seen we've got much work in so far finished super-setting, yet you've only been an exercise for just over half an hour. It's a period to wrap it up.

This is anywhere you can use multiple or giant sets to cram as much work in as you can, at the same time as also making an excellent training effect that will leave you with a feeling of sweaty gratification.

Wrapping Up

A great way to surface your push day is to hit all your target strengths at once-through use of a vast set. An example could be chest hovers (chest), lateral raises (delts), and close-grip push-ups. Shoot for higher reps to cram as much volume as you can in per power, plus igniting the training effect. Shoot for 2-3 sets of this and over rest for 1.5 minutes.