What are steroids?

These are medication, and these are also recognized as cortisone or corticosteroids. These are natural chemical hormone take place in the body. These are synthetic hormones that are specially formulated to treat some particular medical issues. Steroids majorly used to decrease inflammation, defeat the immune system in the body, block production of DNA, and also used to stop releasing of chemical called histamine (the chemical released during the reaction of allergy in the body). Naturally human body produces the right amount of steroid to assist body fight against stress and grow big at the time of puberty.

But people take artificial medication steroid to get the effect of testosterones like an increase in strength and muscle mass. Mostly sports person, athletes, and bodybuilders utilize steroids. Steroids are also used to treat many diseases like cancer, hypogonadism, and impotence in men, anemia, osteoporosis, HIV, endometriosis and much other disorder or disease. The steroids used to treat such disease are androgens and anabolic steroids. But as the matter of fact, anabolic steroids cause severe side effects in human body.

However, steroids are anabolic and illegal to use and buy. But now as the demand increases, there are some steroids introduced that are legal and do not affect severe harm to human body. Steroids can be used in the form of drug, injection and powder sometimes. Mostly steroidal supplements are available in the form of pills.

Illegal steroids can cause an effect on organs in human body, hair loss, acne, extra hair growth, etc.

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Are steroids causing side effects?

There are some side effects caused by illegal steroids, but mostly legal steroids do not cause harmful side effects. But there are many side effects are similar only when you took an overdose and went for long treatment by steroids. It is said the abundance of everything is bad; one should take legal steroids as per instructions and recommendation only.

  1. Kidney problems
  2. Liver problems
  3. Feminization
  4. Cardiovascular
  5. Cancer
  6. Growth defects
  7. Physiological
  8. Blood pressure
  9. Hypertension
  10. Aggression
  11. Hypomania
  12. Anxiety and mood effects

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