Bradley Martyn: Is He on Steroids or Natural?

Is Bradley Martyn on Steroids?

Having a great body with well build up muscles, and being the reference of many is a great feeling; especially to a male who has always worked hard in the gym – working out for this great look. However, growing extremely huge within a very short time raises concern even to those who do not pay keen attention to your body development. Hence, everybody is guaranteed their own personal thought and judgment. It is not good to have a final judgment on any one’s choice concerning their personal lives, but sharing a thought or a feeling concerning such personal issues like using steroids for fast body developments doesn’t harm.

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Bradley Martyn is Rising To Fame

Recently, Bradley Martyn has gained popularity through his Facebook and YouTube accounts; gaining over two hundred million followers within two years. It is from Martyn's huge muscles, tallness, abnormal strength (of comfortable bench pressing 405lbs with no much visible effort) and attractive look that he has gained a whopping mark of popularity.

What comes into your mind from a person who has a weight of 118kg, body fat of 7/8% and a height of 6 ft? Many claim the use of steroids accelerates this extreme growth, while others still believe in working your way there or rather having an automatic genetic growth after consistent exercises. Read below to see is bradley martyn on steroids or natural?

We Could Actually Analyze Bradley Martyn’s Growth From Childhood

Having been born in 1989, Bradley's early years of growing up to 15 years of age are not characterized by any body building exercises. However, he started lifting weights at the age of fifteen; which is way back in 2005. In 2011, his popularity kicked off, this was after he won the NPC bodybuilding show, and then it followed a tremendous change in his body size.

According to body building experts, it takes quite a long time to gain such a huge body; unlike his sudden growth. Moreover, those whose bodies imitate such a growth show signs of growth from a tender age (probably from the ages of 14 years) as evident from Mike OHearn’s growth.

Bradley Martyn showed an absolute growth out of the normal growth at 14 years of age, though he has not grown to the size of Bradley Martyn.

From his sudden growth, which characterized by 5 years of serious exercising, it is clear that Bradley is using other artificial body builders – probably steroids. Find out why in the following observations.

Natural Look of Bradley MartynThe Thickness Of Bradley Martyn Muscles

Looking at his muscles, they have such an extreme thickness, which raises doubts as to his absurd and natural-looking body. Although it is hard to tell how naturally build up muscles look like, his muscles seem extremely thicker than the normal muscles.

They can be likened to those of Chul Soon whose muscles enlarged out of the use of Deca durabolin – which is a steroid. Deca durabolin is known for its unique feature of extremely enlarging body muscles to well-rounded large muscles with a juicy look.

The Look Of The Skin

One of the characteristics of a steroid user’s skin is a red-looking skin – which is a reaction between the body and the steroid as a result of high body temperatures. Bradley’s skin looks different from his own skin five years back. Though people would say it is due to the enlargement of his muscles which smoothens the skin, there is still doubt about the change of the skin color.

The natural growth of muscles with good nutrition altogether results in a ripped skin – low body fat. The paper-thin skin takes a long time to gain. It requires a consistent diet with years of extreme exercise which is actually impossible without some enhancements.

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Martyn's Physical Look

Also, the contradiction is evident from his physical look. The upper body part, which includes the shoulders is much bigger and exaggerated than the lower body part. This shows the immediate response of the body to the artificial drugs. Shoulders and Trapezius muscles respond much better to steroids due to their androgen receptors.

Bradley Martyn Natural Or On Steroids?

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Comparing Bradley With Other Bodybuilders

If we could compare his growth with those of other bodybuilders who have taken quite a long time to gain their masses, then it could bring us closer to the truth. Some people take more years than Bradley did in the gym, trying to build up their bodies, but they do not get even closer to what Bradley Martyn looks like now.

Arnold, a known bodybuilder competitor weighed 240lbs at 6.2ft and admitted to using steroids. Bradley is bigger than Arnold, it seems impossible of naturally gaining such a body. Steve Reeves, who won the Mr. Universe in 1950 weighed 214 pounds at 6.1ft. This shows a big difference between him and Bradley.

Competition History

Having competed in the NPC federation, it is expected that Bradley Martyn had passed through drug testing before getting into the competition. However, it is quite unfortunate that after examining others who competed in the same federation, then it is evident that NPC does not have strict guidelines for drug users.

A candidate can stop using steroids, some days before the competition and test negative of using any drugs. Such people who have participated in NPC competitions include Steve Cook and Kali Muscle – who are under drugs. Hence, having participated in the NPC is not good proof of Bradley not using drugs. Actually, there is no evidence of those candidates who were found using drugs anywhere on the NPC website or any other source – leaving no evidence of the drug users.

Is There Any Thing Like Bradley Martyn Steroids?

Steroids lead to the creation of new muscle cells – which appear to be exaggerated. Also, they improve the ratio of testosterone to myostatin, which allows the growth of greater muscle sizes, while also increasing the production of proteins in the body. This kind of growth is evident in the growth of Bradley’s body.

To be precise, Deca steroid causes a great thickening of the muscles and much extreme strength. On the other hand, Dianabol steroid smooths the skin and gives you a more natural look; which makes it hard for people to differentiate between a bodybuilder who takes Dianabol and the one who doesn’t. However, it gives you a much dry look that makes it easy to notice a steroid user. It could be possible that Bradley Martyn takes these steroids.

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