Natural Look of Bradley Martyn

With over 4 million Instagram followers and a hugely popular YouTube channel, Bradley Martyn has become one of the biggest names in fitness. His muscular physique and impressive strength have earned him legions of fans who aspire to emulate his look. However, Martyn's sheer size and leanness have led many to speculate that he uses steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs.

In this article, we will objectively analyze the evidence regarding Bradley Martyn's natural status. We will look at his body measurements, lifting numbers, transformation timeline, direct responses to steroid accusations, and potential signs of drug use. By evaluating all the available information, we aim to determine whether Martyn's physique is realistically achievable for natural lifters.

This is an essential issue because Martyn is a role model for many fitness enthusiasts. If he has attained his build through artificial means, it paints an unrealistic picture of natural muscle-building potential. On the other hand, if Martyn is indeed “natty,” it demonstrates that an exceptional physique can be built drug-free with proper training and nutrition. Carefully weighing the evidence on both sides is crucial.

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Assessing the Evidence

To determine if Bradley Martyn's physique is attainable naturally, we need to examine the available evidence objectively. Several key factors can provide insights into whether someone is using steroids or is natural:

Body Measurements and Composition

At 5'10” and around 250 lbs, Martyn has a massively muscular and lean frame with full muscle bellies and veins. His body fat stays very low year-round at approximately 6-8%. Maintaining this muscularity and leanness long-term may exceed natural genetic limits.

However, some genetic outliers can reach an advanced level naturally with perfect training and nutrition. So, measurements alone are not definitive proof of steroid use.

Lifting Numbers and Strength

Martyn is robust, with a 650 lb squat, 500 lb bench press, and 700 lb deadlift. He also performs impressive powerlifting feats like a 405 lb inclined bench press for reps.

While solid, these numbers are within the realm of drug-free elite powerlifters. So, strength levels alone do not confirm steroid use. Some naturally gifted strength athletes can reach this degree of strength.

Transformation Timeline

Martyn gained a significant amount of mass in his early 20s during his initial training years. However, his gains since then appear more gradual. He claims to have put on only around 20 lbs of muscle in the last 5 years.

The pace of gains is not extraordinarily rapid, pointing to natural training. However, steroids could have aided his initial transformation during newbie gains.

Response to Accusations

When directly accused of steroids, Martyn insists he is lifetime drug-free. He attributes his physique to genetics, hard work, and proper nutrition. However, most users deny steroid use, so his response is inconclusive.

By looking at all these factors together, we can start gauging the likelihood of natural status versus steroid use. However, no single piece of evidence is definitive proof one way or another. In the next section, we will analyze potential signs of steroid use and summarize the evidence.

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Evaluating the Case for Steroid Use

While none of the individual factors we examined conclusively prove steroid use, several signs could indicate Martyn has used performance-enhancing drugs:

  • Extremely Low Body Fat Year-Round: Maintaining single-digit body fat levels year-round is very difficult, naturally. The use of fat-burning compounds could enable this degree of leanness.
  • 3D Shoulders and Full Muscle Bellies: Martyn has huge, full-looking deltoid muscles that pop out even when relaxed. This “3D” shoulder look can be indicative of site enhancement from steroids.
  • Gynecomastia: In some photos, Martyn appears to have a mild case of gyno or enlarged breast tissue. This is a common side effect of excessive testosterone or steroid use.
  • Rapid Recovery Between Workouts: Users report being able to train a muscle group hard daily due to enhanced recovery. Martyn often trains the same muscles on back-to-back days.
  • Vascularity: Martyn maintains visible veins and striations year-round. While a sign of leanness, extreme vascularity can also result from some steroids.
  • Skin Changes: Martyn has exhibited some acne on his back and shoulders at times. This could be indicative of hormonal fluctuations from steroid cycles.

However, many of these signs have possible natural explanations as well. Good genetics, diet, and training could also enable Martyn to look naturally. In the next section, we will synthesize the evidence and provide a verdict on the likelihood of natural status.

The Verdict: Natural or Not?

After objectively examining all the evidence from measurements, lifting numbers, transformation timelines, direct denials, and potential signs of drug use, what verdict can we reach? Is Bradley Martyn's physique attainable naturally, or does it likely involve steroids?

On the side of natural status:

  • His lifting numbers are awe-inspiring but within reach of gifted, drug-free athletes.
  • His gains have been relatively gradual in recent years, according to his accounts.
  • He adamantly denies ever using steroids.

On the side of steroid use:

  • His leanness and full muscle bellies could exceed natural genetic limits.
  • Signs like 3D delts, gyno, vascularity, and skin issues may indicate steroid use.
  • Recovery capacity and ability to maintain such conditioning long-term hint at enhancement.

Given the totality of the evidence, Bradley Martyn's physique has likely benefited from the use of anabolic steroids at some point. However, his rigorous training, nutrition, and gifted genetics also play a significant role in his development.

Bradley Martyn Natural Or On Steroids?

Takeaways for Natural Lifters

While Bradley Martyn may have used steroids to reach his advanced size and conditioning, there are still essential lessons natural lifters can apply:

  • Set Realistic Expectations: Genetic outliers aside, most naturals will not reach Martyn's mass and leanness, especially in the upper body. Have realistic goals for your body type.
  • Progressive Overload is Key: Gradual progression in lifting volume, intensity, and frequency over long periods is needed to maximize natural muscle growth.
  • Nutrition Matters: A tailored diet with sufficient protein and a moderate calorie surplus, along with strategic cutting, is crucial for muscle building.
  • Allow Recovery: Natural lifters need more rest between demanding workouts for a muscle group. Schedule intelligently.
  • Patience Is Vital: Building an impressive natural physique takes years of consistent, innovative training and nutrition. Stay persistent.

While steroids can accelerate results, an incredible natural physique is achievable through dedication, hard work, and patience. Bradley Martyn exemplifies the training intensity and work ethic needed, albeit with likely pharmaceutical enhancement. Maintain realistic expectations, train hard and smart, eat to grow, and give your body the time it needs to improve.


Analyzing whether a physique like Bradley Martyn's is attainable naturally is a complex endeavor. While we cannot definitively prove steroid use, the collective evidence suggests Martyn has likely used performance-enhancing drugs at some point to reach his advanced size and conditioning. However, this does not diminish the hard work he has put in through rigorous training, strategic nutrition, and sheer determination.

For natural lifters, Martyn can still serve as motivation to push your limits and maximize your genetic potential through hard work and consistency. But maintain realistic expectations for your body type and natural muscle-building rates. Factors like progressive overload, nutrition, rest, and patience are essential for natural gains.

While the debate around Martyn's natural status continues, his physique is an impressive testament to the human capacity for muscle growth. With or without pharmaceutical enhancement, dedication and perseverance are required to build an exceptional physique. By applying evidence-based training and nutrition principles tailored to your body, natural lifters can make remarkable long-term progress.