Not all exercises are shared equally, and some can power faster muscle growth than others. The most “hypertrophic” movements recruit more muscle fibers by more than one joint and are known as compound exercises.

Compound movements result in higher output, and are very strength-based, compared to isolated movements – get prepared to load up the weight for these!

If you're observing to build specific serious muscle, here are ten of my favorite compound movements and some execution tips to allow you to benefit from them entirely.

1. Deadlifts

No other workout inflicts as much pressure on the body like the deadlift. Essential gains in back thickness and inferior body strength are a common consequence of deadlifts. The core is also wired through deadlifts, which improves the presentation of other massive boosts such as squats.

To become the most from deadlifting, I like to save the set moving rather than pausing on the floor afterward each rep. This sustains an advanced state of intensity through the set. At the top helping of the rep, “locking out” is crucial to involve all the muscles of the upper back fully. To briefly summarize the deadlift, it's the ultimate later chain builder.

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2. Bent Over Rows

Though bent over rows is multiple exercises, they are far more isolated than deadlifts, as they predominately effort the lats, rhomboids, and inferior trap region. Due to the posture obligatory to perform bent-over rows, they too engage the spinal erectors and the strengths of the core.


Driving my prods back, keeping them tight in contradiction of my sides, provides more direct inspiration across the lower helping of the lats. Pulling through this angle also lets for more power, enabling me to lift the heftier weight.

It's significant to avoid excessive torso drive on bent over rows because it can shorten the variety of motion, reducing the influence of the exercise.

3. T-Bar Rows

T-bar rows are similar to bent-over rows. While the carriage is very much the same, the differentiating issue comes from the grip. With T-bar rows, the wrist is in a semi-supinated location with the palms facing each other. This grasp allows you to lift heavier weight, making it the faultless mass building exercise.

To make T-bar rows smooth more useful, I like to silence at the top of every rep to make the lats and parallelograms work harder in their thin position.

4. Squats

If deadlifts are the final posterior chain mass builder, then squats are the acknowledged exercise for legs.

Loading weighty weight across the back and crouching to a depth where the legs are parallel to the floor makes extreme trauma to the whole central nervous system – which explains the “shaky” sensation you get after a stimulating set of squats.

As so numerous muscle fibers are recruited to whole the reps, the potential for hypertrophy is high. Significant trauma can be caused by squatting, which interprets to a lot of rebuilding and development as your body tries to adapt.

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It is significant to push through the heels when crouching to keep the tension on the glutes, hamstrings, and knees.

5. Leg Press

Leg pressing is my all-time favorite workout for legs. Leg pressing is the perfect workout to apply my Dramatic Transformation Principle (DTP) to, due to the aptitude to work efficiently, finished both low and high rep ranges. It's more inaccessible than squatting as there is less stress on the core muscles, but is still multiple exercises.

The leg press allows you to target every power of the quads with a few simple variations. Changing your foot placement will alteration the muscle focus – moving from thin to full, or from the middle of the bowl to the top – will load the work in a different area of the leg.

6. Shoulder Press

Seated shoulder presses with weighty dumbbells require many fortes. It's the perfect way to shape volume in the anterior and medial skulls of the deltoids. As it's a compound pressing drive, it can concurrently build tricep size and strength. Sympathetic how triceps become involved when persistent is essential to enhance shoulder pressing.

To avoid tricep exhaustion and remain absorbed on the deltoids, I like to cut my range of motion. About three to four inches before the lockout, I will stop the concentric reduction and move back into the odd portion of the rep. Locking out will involve the tricep and can inspire the exercise to become tricep dominant, to the fact that it may even compromise deltoid inspiration.

7. Decline Bench Press

The countless Dorian Yates, six-time Mr. Olympia, mentions to the decline as the best angle for the aggressive chest. It doesn't just board the pec major; as I press through the concentric stage, I can feel the middle and upper helping of my pecs work too.

Decline bench press delivers the opportunity to lift more heaviness than any other angle since the biomechanical gain it offers. For a mass building phase, this is of enormous value! It's also the slightest stress on my shoulders, which is very significant, considering the vulnerability of this precise joint when pressing heavyweight.


8. Flat Bench Press

The flat bench press is often stared as the measuring stick of pressing strength. Everyone wants a big bench! Even if you aren't successful for a significant number on a scoreboard, this workout should be part of your roster for building muscle.

On the flat bench press, seeing it's more stressful on my shoulders, I like to use somewhat less weight and a broader grip. This provides far more give across the pecs as I press finished a nearly full range of motion. Over, I avoid locking out at the top since it will induce tricep exhaustion.

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9. Barbell Curls

For worldwide muscle fiber stimulation crossways, both bicep heads there's nonentity like barbell curls. Using a conventional bar, the wrist is outwardly rotated, which brands the biceps tense harder, chiefly the outer head. If you find you knowledge elbow or forearm pain, try swapping to an EZ bar, which lets the wrist to keep an additional natural position.

As a superstar who usually trains unaccompanied, I like to use skillful “cheat curls” once I've reached failure. The purpose is to “cheat” through the concentric phase, using certain momentum to get the weight up, and then gradually resist it through the odd. This is an intensity loudspeaker I regularly use with barbell curls.

10. Weighted Dips

Weighted dips are a marvelous mass building exercise for triceps. With this bodybuilding, there is usual cross-over to the pecs. To keep the effort in the triceps, I take a thin grip on the dipping station and save my body as upright as likely.

The countless thing about weighted hollows is that I'm able to excess the triceps with a massive set to disappointment, remove the weight, and then do an immediate drop set to inspire more blood flow. In my experience, driving more blood into the triceps assistances stretch the fascia to recover nutrient transportation and stimulate growth.


If you're observing to build some solemn muscle mass or recover your strength, including these ten mass building movements are a must.

These fundamentals should be the basis of your plan and then build on them with additional variations to hit your beleaguered muscle group from all viewpoints.