Gaining a huge body muscle mass within a very short time – say a year or two can really win critics, concerns and questions that are left unanswered by anyone. However, it is actually a good thing to gain fame out of it; imagine having over two million followers on your Facebook account, and 1.7 million Instagram followers.

Calum Von Moger Steroids

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As if that is not enough, winning multiple Mr. Universe titles because of that great body. Is this not something to brag about? Definitely it brings a good feeling; that of winning the whole world. These are the descriptions of the famous Calum Von Moger, who has shown quite a tremendous change of his body in the recent years.

This is what raises concerns about how somebody can abruptly obtain such an appealing body structure within a few years. Hence, giving out a thought on such an issue can be considered a minor and a personal issue, but it really raises concerns to millions of people. The following is an analysis of Calum Von Moger’s sudden change in his body structure.

Calum Von Moger Is Rising To Fame

Calum Von Moger NaturalHis fame won him a new name – Arnold 2.0. He is so called because of his resemblance to the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger. They both have classic bodies; a huge upper body mass, a tiny waist and balanced proportions in the whole body. This has led to the huge number of followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well.

Actually, having two million followers on his Facebook account is way above the mark that any other Mr. Olympia has ever obtained. This shows that he has pretty many fans across the world than anyone could ever imagine of a body builder.

He has a height of 6ft, a weight of 250lbs (which is more than that of Arnold during his winning days) and an arm of 21. This seems impossible to obtain; especially in a short period of time. Or rather, one might never obtain such a body structure in their lifetime without the use of any enhancements; say steroids.

Although some people argue that it could be possible, considering that Calum Von Moger started weight lifting at the age of 14. On the other hand, others base their argument on the fact that genetically talented people would; but this shows signs – those of huge bodies, from quite a tender age. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Calum; he grew up as a slender boy, and started showing tremendous growth in body from 2008.

It is argued that, immediately he started lifting weights at 14; he should have showed a gradual body change from then -2004; and not a sudden change from 2008. Could this be the use of Steroids?

Moger’s Growth From Childhood

Von Moger was born in 1990 and grew up with his five siblings on a farm in Victoria, Australia. He admits that he grew up as a slender boy who was inspired by his bigger, stronger brother to start weight lifting so that he could catch up with him.

Calum Childhood

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At the age of 14, he started his journey to the great body look he had seen from his brother. He could spend his days training, watching Steve Reeves on television, eating cans of tuna and whole chicken. Arnold later became his source of inspiration after severally watching his shows on the TV. He hence gained interest to work towards gaining such a body – like that of Arnold, where his inspiration stemmed from.

In 2008, there was a whopping change in his body structure; his body started showing a huge growth potential. Then in 2010, Von Moger won his first bodybuilding competition followed by a recruitment to enter the WFF Junior Mr. Universe competition in 2011. He competed in NABBA Junior International championships and won. Then also won the first place in the Jr. Mr. Universe. In addition, he also won the WFF Mr. Universe title.

Arguing from his sudden growth in 2008, this shows an abnormal change in body mass. Natural bodybuilding takes a person a gradual change in the body from the time of first weight lifting exercise onwards. Since the age of 14, he was lifting weights, but his growth showed off in 2008; which should not be the case according to body building experts.

From his body structure, it is clear that he has been using some enhancers, since his body structure is similar to that of Arnold, who admits to have used steroids.

From this sudden growth, we can analyze his physical look.

His Skin

It is easier to tell a steroid user from the skin appearance. A red/flushed skin is an evident of the use of steroids. This is because the juice increases blood pressure, and hence cause the veins to inflate towards the upper skin to allow more heat loss, so that the inner organs are protected from the excess heat. This is evident from Moger’s skin appearance, which could drive us closer to our conclusion.

The Entire Physical Look

A normal body growth does not give total body contradictions from the previous body structure. The fact that Mogers body changed abruptly from a skinny boy to a huge bodied person brings doubt – especially in his case; of a change within a short period of time.

Comparing Moger with Other Body Builders

The difference between Calum Von Moger and other bodybuilders is his tiny waist and a comparatively smaller body than the other IFBB bodybuilders. His body looks more of the old-school bodybuilders. This could probably be because of very low use of steroids such as Dianabol and Testosterone – which he admitted to be used in a video interview with Generation Iron.

Calum vs. Arnold

From the analysis, Calum Von Moger has maintained his great look due to his low use of steroids. He admits that he started using steroids after competing in the Jr. Mr. Universe so as to fit in competing for the senior Mr. Universe. Before competing in the Jr. Mr. Universe, he had showed signs of potential body growth. Which from his argument, we can conclude that he is still genetically talented despite the use of steroids. Likening his body with the old-school bodybuilders – who was not using human growth hormones and insulin, gives us the conclusion that he – Moger, is not in high use of steroids like to be the case with the current bodybuilders.

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