Uncover the Truth: Was Ronnie Coleman Natural or On Steroids?

When eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman confirmed he had used performance-enhancing drugs in June 2020 during a Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the bodybuilding world was upended. Although PEDs have been presumed to be widespread within this industry for decades, Coleman's admission reminded us of just how pervasive their use is. Coleman’s journey to becoming one [...]


Does High Volume Training Build Extra Muscle?

Why is it that nearly everyone you see working out in the gymnasium does high volume bodypart splits? Nowadays, it is Monday, and in just about each gym in America, that means its torso day. Tomorrow is back, Thursday is limbs and Friday is arms…or somewhat like that, I guess. Why the absence of variety [...]


Cumulative Weekly Training Volume

"You can do whatever if you start light sufficient." As this object had advanced from just 'my thoughts' to a full gusted article, I should provide a rider before you read it. This article comes from the viewpoint of a lifter who has: Already constructed a strong base of strength, muscle, and influence. I have accrued [...]


4 Ways to Attain Progressive Overload & Build Muscle

The old school rationale where building muscle is worried is that it’s pretty black and white to see development. Add heaviness to the bar, put the pin additional down on the stack, and gun for the same quantity of reps, and you’re golden. Though they’re not entirely wrong, it’s worthwhile to inspect other perspectives and [...]

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