Does Kali Muscle Take Steroids or is He Natural?

Kali Muscle : An Introduction Kali Muscle is a 41-Year-old bodybuilder, actor, social media personality and motivational speaker who is widely known all over Facebook,YouTube and other social media platforms for his excellent muscle development and body building. Kali Muscle was born in California in 1975 nearby to the area affected by Crime and poverty. [...]


Is Mike O’Hearn Natural or Steroids?

With a resume that includes winning the Mr. Universe on 4 different occasions, and also being named fitness model of the year 7 times, it's no wonder that many people wonder if Mike O'Hearn is natural or using steroids. The sad truth is that steroid use runs rampant in the world of bodybuilding as well [...]


Is Calum Von Moger on Steroids or Natural?

Gaining a huge body muscle mass within a very short time – say a year or two can really win critics, concerns and questions that are left unanswered by anyone. However, it is actually a good thing to gain fame out of it; imagine having over two million followers on your Facebook account, and 1.7 [...]


Big Lenny : The Strongest Core

Big Lenny is claimed to have the strongest core, but that may be palumbosim, as it’s mentioned on many websites. He is one of the strongest and tallest body builder. Review the Best Legal Steroids for Your Workout What is Palumboism? It is a disease which can be rarely seen amongst body builders. The sudden [...]


Is Simeon Panda Natural or on Steroids?

Who is Simeon Panda? Rising to fame because of an exceptionally aesthetic body physique is quite fascinating. However, having an extremely small waist with a huge upper body part looks incredibly magnificent. This is a description of one of the most famous bodybuilder Simeon Panda, who has actually gained his fame from his exceptional look [...]


CT Fletcher : On Steroids or Natural?

The Secret Behind CT Fletcher Arm Size Many people have gained popularity through body building activities. However, none of them has maintained their body in a much healthier and intact state for as many years as the 57 years old CT Fletcher has. He is widely known for his huge 22 inch arm; which raises [...]


Are Steroids Illegal?

Are steroids illegal? You might have probably asked this question or heard someone ask. The answer is yes, steroids are illegal. So Why Are Anabolic Steroids Illegal? Before you know why steroids are illegal, it is crucial for you to know what steroids are. Steroids are Anabolic Androgenic substances that accelerate the building of muscles. [...]


Buy Steroids Australia : Crazy Bulk Supplements

Are Steroids Legal in Australia? Do you think is there any thing like legal steroids Australia? Yes, legal steroid alternative is now possible to get in Australia easily. Steroids are the kind of drugs normally used to treat a wide range of medical disorders or diseases. Such steroids used to treat diseases like growth disorders, [...]


Best Steroid Alternatives by Crazy Bulk

Crazy Bulk Supplements That Work Crazy Bulk has produced several legal steroid alternatives, and several cycles stacks are offering for the consumer to get faster and better results. Crazy Bulk feels responsible for delivering all aspects of bodybuilding cycles and steroids, stacking products is the concept of building an intelligent yet highly effective set of [...]


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