One of your chief training goals is to pack on muscle – particularly on your chest. Let's face it; a well-developed torso is one of the hallmarks of a high build. Even under a t-shirt the chest exudes maleness, power and confidence. Having such a reputation begs that your exercise be effective each and every time you stage into the gym. Leave no pebble unturned and no technique unexplored. Dumbbell presses, bench presses, flyes and cable effort are all tried and true chest builders. They must be a part of anyone's monotonous to pack on the beef. But let's be truthful. Have you progressed in the previous three to six months? Are you on the correct road to a better, huger chest?

Aside from the bright and crucial elements to any workout (multiple, multi-joint movements, and a deliberate plan of development), maybe you need to add a little somewhat unique to your same-ole chest monotonous. Perhaps you essential to go a little outside of the box and trial with some crazy-looking but real exercises to get you to rise again.

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5 Crazy (But Real) Chest Exercises

Below are five foolish chest exercises that will do just that – get you outdoor of your comfort zone and spur positive new muscle growth.

1. Reverse-Grip Incline Bench Barbell Press

Yes, long name, but mischievously active upper chest manufacturer. Taking a reverse grip on bench press has exposed to stimulate the upper chest area more efficiently than an incline press using an old-style grip on a barbell. Of course, you can do these on a flat bench as well, but searching the reverse grip with an inclined will put the kibosh on your higher pecs and leave every fiber entirely enthused.

This one will need a partner assist since it will be virtually unbearable to get the barbell in position. Take a different grip a little more full than shoulder-width on the bar and have your spouse help you steady the bar off the rack. Inferior the bar under control until it reaches around the mid-chest level. Without bouncing, increase the bar under control pending you are fully extended up over your higher chest.

Be sure your partner's pointers are close to the bar at all times, mainly if you are new to this workout. Some experimenting may be wanted to find the right width of grasp and angle of the bench. Practice with brighter loads for the first few training sessions and continuously use deliberate and safe method and form. You can also twitch on a Smith machine for a while until you get rummage-sale to the exercise.

2. Svend Press

It doesn't become more unique regarding chest movements than the Svend press. This movement uses the act of self-imposed stresses. Much like an isometric contraction Svend press has you bending your pecs while persistent one or more dishes in a pressing motion. Why does this effort, and what's in it for you? Initially, it has an uncanny way of directing an inner pec reduction like no other. This motion also separates the pecs while captivating the injury-prone shoulders out of the drive. Secondly, it will advantage you with not only a new pressure to apply to your torso but will also give you intense mind-muscle connection so you can work your chest with other movements more effectively.

Stand land one or two small, manageable plates clasped amid your palms. With your elbows out to your edges and your fingers pointing forward, agreement your pecs and press forward conventional out. Focus, control, and keep tautness on your chest the whole time. Under continuous tautness, return the plates to your chest, never calming the contraction through the entire set.

You also have two differences that can be applied to the Svend press: Lying Svend press and dumbbell crushes. With the lying Svend press, lie down on a bench and do it as stated above. For dumbbell crushes, you will perform the same gesture lying on a desk but with binary hexagonal dumbbells (you will need the chimes to be flat on their sides for constancy). Both forms can be did on a flat or incline (if you poverty to focus on upper pecs) bleachers.

3. Irregular One-Arm Dumbbell Flat Bench Press

Another seldom understood chest pounder is the blinking dumbbell press. Since this is a unilateral movement, it needs great core and shoulder stability. Lifting one side at a period can provide many benefits, not only overcoming barbell presses but old-style dumbbell presses as well. Since the dumbbells are put into an unpredictability position, this humble shift will have your pecs working overtime to save up. More muscle action generations more inspiration for growth.

Lie depressed on a flat bench with two dumbbells busy over your chest — lower one side down while the additional stays in the up position. Total an entire rep for one side, recurring to the top spot before descendant with the opposite dumbbell again implementation rep as the whole. Keep alternating each lateral while using the top position as silence while the other side is pressing. Your tempo will go somewhat like this: Left-arm – down, up, right arm – down up, and so out.

For a smooth crazier stimulation and to make belongings that much more exciting use the lowest position as a pause while the different side presses. This cadence will make an appearance like this: Left arm – up, down, right-wing – up, down, and so forth. Of sequence as with most chest movements all variations can be did on an incline bench as well.

4. Standing Two-Arm Landmine Press

Landmine plans are popping up in gyms as of late-night and for a good reason. These various pieces of the gear allow for myriad exercises for all body shapes and full-body effort as well. With the ability to assistance build muscle, develop power, and, of course, upsurge balance and stability, the landmine is a single cool tool.

It can help with stuffing on chest mass in a very unique and penetrating way. Mainly hitting the upper pec area, the standing two-arm landmine media doesn't look to be a chest-building candidate, so you will have to try it out for physically.

Stand opposite a loaded landmine. Grasp the outdoor of the collar at the end of the bar with together hands – this can be a staggering grip or with both hands clasped composed. With the end of the bar in contradiction of your chest and with a standing posture and core stabilized (you may too want to stagger your stance), press the bar up and away, concentrating on your pecs for the entire drive — reappearance to the start location under control and repeat. Try to evade heaving the weight up – that will lone take the stress off your chest and onto your bears.

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Want to up the bet? Loop a band over the bar in contradiction of the plate and again under your onward foot. This will provide what's named linear variable resistance for one penetrating experience. Instead of “latent” at the top of the movement after you get finished the sticking point, the band will only upsurge confrontation as you press.

5. Twisting Dumbbell Flat Bench Press

Last and surely not least, we have the twisting dumbbell press. You might see some of your sister gym-goers perform a variation of these by somewhat twisting the dumbbells as they media the weight up. For this article, I am speaking of a final twist on an old preferred. Winding the dumbbells will provide your pecs with one deep contraction while trying badly to steady and stabilize the dumbbells as the movement developments.


Lie depressed on a flat bench with a pair of dumbbells in the old-style starting position – thumbs in and your pinkies available (as if you were about to do a barbell bench press). Inferior the dumbbells as you would with the usual news, however, when you press spinal up, twist the dumbbells while revolving your wrists as if you were contravention the weight in half going from tributes facing your knees to them opposite toward your head. Squeeze your pecs firm before rotating back down to the lowest position.

Recall when I talked of the reverse-grip bench press and in what way they affect the upper pec area to a countless degree? The top of the twisting gesture with the dumbbell press has a similar effect. Be sure to use a heaviness you can easily handle and go sluggish at first. Once you create a base level, then add weight.

For an even sillier (not to mention stricter) version, try execution twisting dumbbell presses off the floor. The attentiveness required contraction, and a smaller range of motion will be the final challenge when it comes to applying somewhat new to your chest.


This isn't a thorough list, so feel free to add your spin on some of the exercises above. Whether you accept one or more of these actions into your routine, the fact is that they will add a heavy dose of strength as well as challenge your courage on your quest for a more massive, more muscular torso.