Chul SoonIs Chul Soon natural or on steroids? That's a legitimate question to ask, especially when you look at his phenomenal physique. What makes Chul Soon a unique case is the fact that Chul Soon is the 2016 Musclemania Universe Natural Pro Champion. As a natural champion the expectation is that Chul Soon has not used any of the steroids and other performance enhancing drugs that are commonly used by most other professional bodybuilders.

While it's a common reaction from people that are not familiar with bodybuilding to assume that someone with a physique like Chul Soon is using steroids, in his case the arguments are louder because of the level of development he has achieved. Not only does he have amazing proportions and a very low amount of body fat, his muscles are so full that pictures of him look like they have been digitally altered. The amazing part is that while his photos don't look real, they are in fact unaltered. While Chul Soon has consistently made gains in lean muscle over time, the accelerated development he has displayed in recent years has been eye opening. Given how much he has developed in such a short amount of time it's really no wonder that people are questioning whether or not he really is a natural bodybuilder.

The Argument Against Chul Soon Using Steroids

The biggest argument against Chul Soon being a steroid user is the fact that as a Muclemania champion, he has been subjected to mandatory drug tests. Their website clearly states that immediately following competition the top 5 bodybuilders have to submit a urine analysis. Any that are found to have prohibited substances in their sample will be banned from competing for 2 years. While this might seem to indicate that Chul Soon couldn't be using steroids because he would be caught under these testing standards, this isn't necessarily true. Tests can be cheated on and there are a lot of different methods that bodybuilders use to help purge any traces of illegal drugs from their system before a test.

Since Musclemania only tests following a competition, and thus the date of the test is clearly known, it's really not that challenging to come up with a strategy to beat that test. By stopping steroid usage ahead of time it is easily possible for a bodybuilder to come up with a clean test even though they had used steroids in the past. Other natural bodybuilding organizations use random testing that makes cheating much harder, since Musclemania does not it is very likely that they have athletes that are not as natural as they claim to be.

The Argument For Chul Soon Using Steroids And Other Prohibited Substances

Chul Soon Body

Without a positive test result that clearly states that Chul Soon has been using steroids the only other approach to take is to look at the observational evidence regarding his physique and any indications that he may be cheating. When you go back and look at his body from 2008 to 2011 he has a look that really doesn't change a lot. It's clear he has spent a lot of time in the gym and has worked hard, but his gains appear to have stalled. This is something that happens to just about every natural bodybuilder when they hit a point where their body has pretty much reached its maximum potential.

Now skip ahead to 2014 and suddenly his body has transformed to such an extent that it seems impossible. While he was clearly in great shape before, starting in 2014 his physique was taken to an entirely new level. In fact the dramatic changes happening at a point in time when he should have already hit his peak seems to indicate that he turned to steroids and other banned substances to help him push through the wall and develop his body further. The bottom line is that the gains he made are not normal and in all likelihood he turned to steroids to achieve them.

Another strong indicator that Chal Soon is a steroid user is the amazing level of development that he has achieved in his shoulders and delts. Building large and developed shoulders naturally are certainly possible and there are many natural bodybuilders that have proven this to be true. However, building huge delts without the use of steroids is virtually impossible. In fact, one of the most obvious signs of steroid use is overly developed delts.

Chul Soon SteroidsPerhaps the clearest indication that Chal Soon has been using steroids and other prohibited substances are the changes that have happened to his face and bone structure. It really doesn't matter how hard you train nothing is going to change your facial structure unless you are using something such as human growth hormone.

Human growth hormone changes the size and shape of your skull, nose, and overall facial structure. When you look at the photos for Chal Soon from several years ago and compare them to today, it's clear he looks like a different person.

The Final Verdict

It's pretty clear that Chal Soon has been using performance enhancing drugs. He has an altered facial structure that only happens when someone uses human growth hormone. He also has huge delts and full muscle bellies that generally don't occur unless you are using steroids. On top of that, he competes for a bodybuilding promotion that has a drug testing policy that is easy to predict making it easy to beat. While he may not admit it evidence points to the fact that Chal Soon is a steroid user.

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