The Secret Behind CT Fletcher Arm Size

CT Fletcher SteroidsMany people have gained popularity through body building activities. However, none of them has maintained their body in a much healthier and intact state for as many years as the 57 years old CT Fletcher has. He is widely known for his huge 22 inch arm; which raises doubts on whether he uses steroids or not. Actually, it is much shocking how, despite his age, he is still able to participate in body building activities and perform better than his younger counterparts. It is due to this consistent maintenance of his body structure that raises concerns among different people. One of those people is Leroy Colbert, who is the first man to grow a 21 inch arm. He believes that CT Fletcher is on drugs. It is ironical how he raises such a concern on Fletcher, while he was able to gain a 22 inch arm without the use of steroids.

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Let’s Analyze Some Of His Historical Background To Help Us Get Into The Roots Of His Bodybuilding Secrets

First, Fletcher claims to maintain a natural body structure without the aid of any drug/steroid. His climax in bodybuilding came in 1995 when he won the Baddest Bench Press in America contest; by attempting to lift 705 pounds. He actually claims of embracing the McDonald’s form of eating at his young age – which led to the huge growth of his body. For your information, the only change that seems to have taken place in his body from earlier look is that, he has shade a significant amount of fat from his body, but has maintained a whole mass of muscles.

Who is CT Fletcher?

Fletcher was born in Little Rock, Arkansas but he grew up in Southern California, where he claims to have gained a lot of physical and mental toughness; which have helped him to train much harder and better. Who is CT FletcherIt is traced from his history that he has had quite a huge body from his younger ages; which shows that it was not a sudden body development that was picked up from late stages in his life. He could probably be having a natural genetic body development. Fletcher started weight lifting at the age of 22 in the year 1983 and stopped lifting in 1977. During all these years, he gained popularity across the world due to the multiple competitions he won, including; the 3x world bench press champion after lifting 650lbs, and the 3x strict curl champion.

In his power-lifting days, he had the biggest body. Comparing his look during his younger days and today, the size of his muscles remains the same; as said earlier. This shows that the probability of him using steroids is very minimal. Steroids result in shrinking of muscles after years of using them – which is not experienced in the case of CT Fletcher.

His Health Over The Years

Health is believed to be very critical, especially when the body is subjected to some artificial ingestion of food and drug materials. This means that your health is more likely to deteriorate and become subjective to possible illnesses. This condition is not different when steroid ingestion is involved. Steroid ingestion is attached to heart problems; such as heart attack and high blood pressure. Although Fletcher experienced a serious heart problem, it is clear that his problem was as a result of his weight and his large intake of calories. Nonetheless, his mother also had the same heart problem, which could also be a genetic problem. He hence had to undergo a heart surgery, which led to a loss of almost 50 pounds. He then fully recovered after two years. Afterwards, he has never experienced any serious illness.

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CT Fletcher Tests On Steroids/Drug Use

First, CT Fletcher has earlier been tested for steroids use, and there was no evidence of the use of bodybuilding drugs. To start with, he has been tested by NASA federation and came out as the strongest drug-free bench press on You Tube. Although it is easy to manipulate these planned tests by stopping the use of steroids for some time before the test. However, he has participated in the INBA in 2011 at a bodybuilding federation. INBA is strict on the testing guidelines, and actually performs unplanned tests any time of the year. The results are hence posted on their website for the general public to see. This makes us believe on the final results from the federation. From this, it is impossible to doubt his natural body look.

Could He Then Use Synthol?

Synthol is an oil that is directly injected to the body muscles for enlargement and to create a smooth appearance. If injected into the arms, they become bigger than the other body parts; making your body parts look unproportionate. The muscles then shrink and look sagging. In the case of Fletcher, his muscles look protruding and normally enlarged; with no shrinking or sagging observed. Also, his arm muscles still look proportional to the other body areas.

CT Fletcher Young

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The Final Remarks

From the above, it is clear that there is no evidence to show the use of any bodybuilding drug by CT Fletcher. His secret to the natty looking body is his McDonald’s diet and the heavy and continuous exercises he has subjected himself over the years. Many of the steroid users gains money through continuous marketing of steroids in their online accounts. On the contrary, there is no any single time Fletcher has talked about steroids, this shows that he doesn’t promote, or rather has not come into contact with such kind of body building drugs.

Also, his huge arm and body is as a result of the natural genetic hormones for growth that he possesses. This is evident from his huge body from his young age, which eventually comes out in his older age. The huge body structure is consistent over the years and does not show any sign of reduction in the mass of the muscles.

To conclude, having a great body requires a consistent and continuous body exercise, together with good nutrition, exercises, so as to remain healthy and strong all along.

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