Diet is the important factor in bodybuilding especially though it is equally important to live healthy and prosperous life. A good diet is very essential for a good body and it also helpful to make good shape body.  Exercise or body building gives a smart and perfect look to the body but if you do not have a proper diet you cannot achieve the target of your dream physique and hard muscles body.  Those people who want to build up strong muscles should be aware of the special and effective foods for helping those getting lean muscles. Right food will respond best and effective to your body and health.

A healthy diet for bodybuilding is not the rocket science though every food type has carried different and individual effective nutrition and effects on the body. There are many different types of foods that are very useful to build hard and lean muscles.

Best Lean Muscle Building Foods:

Lean BeefBeef:

It is important to take red meat in a meal while building muscles because of its protein content, cholesterol zinc, B vitamins, iron and many other important minerals and nutrition. Red meat has contained high value of calories per serving, this content and big concentration of calories best fit for size and packed muscles gain. Beef carried a high level of saturated fats so that it is not permitted to consume on daily basis.

Nutrition facts: 100-gram serving contains 26.1g protein and 11.8g fat.

BKR_Brown-RiceBrown Rice:

It provides long lasting strength, the energy that boosts up whole muscles body throughout a day and also during work out. Brown rice is also useful in increasing hormones growth.

Nutrition facts: one cup serving contain 216 calories, 5g protein, 19.5 mg calcium and 83.9 mg potassium.

egg-whiteEgg Whites:

No one can completely describe benefits of egg white for building muscles and healthy body. It contains countless nutrition and benefits. Egg whites are the best source of high protein as compared to any other food in the world. It has few amounts of minerals, carbs, and vitamins.

Nutrition facts: an egg white has 50 calories, 84.5% protein, and only 8% carbs.

japanese-sweet-potatoesSweet Potato:

Sweet potato is the rich food with proteins. Sweet potatoes contain vitamin A, vitamin C, copper, manganese, pantothenic acid, niacin, vitamin B6 and copper.

Nutrition facts: 100-gram sweet potato contain 1.6 g protein and 3g dietary fiber.


Fish is another big source of high protein. It has some saturated fats and trans fat too, but the best part is human body need to have little fats too. It is rich in essential amino acids termed as omega-3, which is the power booster to build hard muscles. Salmon, trout, sardines and tuna are the best types of fish that are completely pure ways to get more protein.

Nutrition facts: every 100-gram fish contains 12g fat 22g protein and 384 mg potassium.

legumesBeans and Legumes:

Those who want to build muscles and get healthier body cannot forget the benefits of beans and legumes. Beans are the high source to get protein with high fiber. There are numerous beans high in fiber and protein like kidney beans, luma, and navy beans.

Nutrition facts: per saving of kidney beans contain 29 calories, 58% protein.