When it comes to selecting exercises for a specific body part, it’s significant to choose wisely. Keeping your training effective and efficient is a tall order with a seemingly large amount of moves available. Which are the actual best for your goals? This isn’t more predominant than with triceps. Structure prominent ripped and well-developed triceps can fill out any t-shirt if built with the right movements. You have read before about in what way multi-joint compound movements are best for stuffing on the most amount of muscle in the smallest amount of time. So, when it originates to triceps, both the close-grip bench press and parallel dip directly jump out as the two big boys on the chunk for triceps mass.

Nonetheless, which is best? To answer, let’s disruption down what each is, and sift finished a few pros and cons.

Parallel dips

Used as both a triceps and chest manufacturer, the fall I will be mentioning here will be for the triceps. Did on a set of parallel bars, grasp the grips with an overhand grip a slightly wider than shoulder-width. Inferior your body down with an upright torso and prods close to your sides. When your elbow viewpoint is near 90 degrees or less, (your ease level will vary) press back up custody the upright posture and flex your triceps. Recurrence for reps.

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Pros: As an unusual compound move, the dip is a free station to use. No setting up of benches or singular bars or dumbbells. It’s also a great display of higher body strength and shows the right switch of body weight. The dip also has real-world requests and can develop supportive, natural forte to assist bench work and joint constancy. Adding a weighted belt or fixative a dumbbell between your feet can increase resistance rapidly and efficiently.


Cons: If you have bear pain or impingement and any elbow subjects, dips can be a big no-no. Another usually seen practice is strapping too abundant weight around your midriff, compromising form, and method. This, of course, typically causes a shorter variety of motion and fewer results. Finally, since the triceps dip requires you to save more of an upright carriage, strength is needed for stability and control. If you lack this significant factor, it can be a strenuous exercise to attempt correctly.

Close-grip bench presses

The close-grip bench press is an additional old-school triceps mass manufacturer not only used by weightlifters but other strength and sports sportspersons as well. Used for building mass and easing other lifts, the close-grip bench media is truly a staple in any program. Lie depressed on a bench and grasp the saloon with an overhand grip around one inch closer than your shoulders. Lift the bar and inferior it down to your lower chest level custody your elbows by your side. Once you have touched the bottom position, press the bar back up creation sure it travels at an angle to your upper chest. Without locking your prods flex your triceps hard and recurrence for reps.

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Pros: The aptitude to apply some severe heaviness to your triceps, the close-grip bench press, is an outstanding compound mass builder. Since it is a multi-joint change, the benefits are two-fold. One, less elbow straining like that felt in a lying postponement and two; it allows you to use additional weight than if you were using a separation exercise. More weight used, more power built.


Cons: If you hit the gymnasium during busy times, it can be problematic to secure a bench, and a spotter is optional, especially when using heavier loads. Also, it is significant to plan your training program, so when it comes to training overlap. For instance, ideally, you don’t want to do close-grip bench presses the day after you benched and fixed a ton of chest work. Your forte will be compromised, and you will misplace some of the exercise’s welfares due to the involvement of your deltoids and torso.

The judgment

So, which is the victor? Put – both. Contingent on your potential for injuries, equipment obtainability, and program set-up both the parallel dip and the close-grip seat press stress the bulk of the triceps by a higher amount of weight than that of a separation move. Both are big, multi-joint powerhouses that have a practical request to the real world and help you to do better on other exercises such as additional bench work, shoulder persistent and shoulder constancy for pull-ups, and rowing.

Try irregular the two moves for your triceps workouts shadowed by a press down or lying extension. Soon you will be moving some better weight, not to mention sporting superior triceps.