Dwayne Johnson - The Rock SteroidsIs Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) Natural or on Steroids? Given the massive size, vascularity, and low body fat of the man that's a question that a lot of people are asking. It's far too easy to look at someone like Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and just assume that they are juicing. In some cases this won't be true, but unfortunately in the cases of Mr. Johnson it does appear that he is a steroid user.

Now this doesn't mean that he doesn't work hard in the gym, his workouts are known for being incredibly intense. It also doesn't mean that he doesn't pay attention to his diet. It's a common misconception that steroids are sort of a magic bullet solution and that by taking them you are going to get huge, muscular, and shredded without having to work hard. This is simply not the case.

With that being said the potential negative side effects of steroids should be enough to scare most people away from using them. Dwayne Johnson is obviously under a lot of pressure given his career has been a result of his amazing physique, and at age 44 he's certainly no spring chicken. Below I'll list the different reasons why Dwayne Johnson is likely a steroid user, and then after that I'll give you some alternatives you can use that are far healthier and can still give you a body like his.

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The Rock on Steroids

Dwayne Johnson admitted to taking steroids, but then kind of half backed out of it by saying he only did it once when he was only 18. So why would he not admit to ongoing steroid use? For one thing it would be bad for his image. This is a man who has become one of, if not the biggest action star in the world. If his amazing body were suddenly chalked up to being the result of cheating, then it would tarnish his image, which could cost him a lot of money. His admitting to using steroids once is kind of like the pro athlete that claims they unwittingly took a banned substance in that it's an obvious lie.

Dwayne Johnson Transformation

One constant in life is that Father Time is undefeated. As we age our bodies naturally lose some of the attributes we often take for granted in our youth. For men, one of the main reasons for this is that our testosterone levels decrease with age. That means as we get older it becomes harder to build muscle and to maintain it. But if you look at pictures of Dwayne Johnson from his younger days as a wrestler, and you look at him today, it's clear he's much more muscular. On top of that, he's also more ripped than before. Sure he has great genes, but nobody has genes that are that good.

The Rock Has Overdeveloped Traps

One of the most obvious signs that someone is a steroid user is that they have huge traps. Traps are not muscle groups that are easily developed, and most natural bodybuilders have traps that are much smaller in comparison to their other body parts. On the other hand, steroid users have huge traps in most cases because traps have high levels of androgen receptors, which means that they respond well to steroids. When you look at pictures of Dwayne Johnson he not only has huge traps, his traps are now much larger than they were when he was a younger man.

His Flushed Skin

Another sign of steroid use is that it causes skin to flush, and for people with darker skin tones it causes their skin to darken. This is because steroids cause your blood pressure to rise, which causes flushing. When you compare pictures of Dwayne Johnson today with pictures of him when he was younger his complexion has definitely taken a darker turn.

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The Verdict: Steroids

I'm sorry to have to say it to any fans of Dwayne Johnson out there, but it's pretty obvious The Rock is on steroids. He's bigger and more muscular now than when he was younger, has massive traps, has admitted to using steroids in the past, and has the darker flushed skin tone commonly seen in steroid users.

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