What is an epidural steroid injection?

Epidural steroid injection (ESI) is the least aggressive approach of doctors to provide relief to patients suffering from neck, arm, back and leg pain. This pain can be caused by inflamed nerves, the pain can be very difficult to bare thus using these injection will give quick results.

What is cervical epidural steroid injection?

Cervical epidural steroid injections are used to relieve pain to patients suffering from neck injury only. Epidural steroid injection covers a large part of the body whereas cervical epidural steroid injection just focus on the nerves in the neck.


Does epidural steroid injection have any side effects?

Every steroid may have some side effects on the person. It is not necessary that every person who uses these injections should have any side effect, it depends from person to person. Furthermore, it also depends on the quality of steroids you are using as a bad quality of steroid injection can have severe effect on your body and instead of relieving your pain it can cause other health issues. Following are some of the side effect reported by the patients who have made use of such steroids:

  • Temporary numbness: after the procedure has been completed one may feel some numbness in his bowels and bladder. It is a very common side effect which will fade away with time and there is nothing to worry about in it.
  • Infection: slight infections are likely to occur for which the doctors can advise you to take anti-biotic but any severe kind of infection is most unlikely to occur.
  • Dural puncture: this kind of side effects also doesn’t happen very often. Only 0.5% of injections can cause dural puncture. If a person is going through this phase then he/she may feel constant headaches which are medically also known as spinal headache. Most likely such problems fade away with time but if it doesn’t then there is a small procedure that needs to be done called blood patch. A blood patch is a simple and quick procedure that involves obtaining a small amount of blood from the patient’s arm vein and immediately injecting it into the epidural space to allow it to clot around the spinal sac and stop the leak, making the headaches better.
  • Bleeding: people who have previously bleeding disorders can complain of bleeding but otherwise it is very rare complication that may occur in this procedure. So make sure that your doctor does all the necessary tests to make sure you do not have any such issues.
  • Nerve damage: this is another side effect that may occur in this procedure but this also happens in very rare cases. This complication may happen from the trauma of injection or in case the patient faces bleeding issues.

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