It takes so much courage for most men to come to terms with low testosterone levels. It’s easier to believe you’re just under the weather, or that hair loss is a cool thing. The great news is that lowered testosterone levels are as common as colds. With the changing climates and the modified foods we eat, fluctuations in hormone production are common. This disruption is what causes low testosterone.

Other common telltale signs of low testosterone are early onset hair loss, also called alopecia, noticeable loss in muscle mass, and weakened muscles strength, A consistently reduced sexual drive, and low energy throughout the day.

Testosterone boosters are common supplements taken daily. In fact, testosterone boosting pills are the reasons some companies are pharmaceutical giants. Given the stigma men face, they would pay just about anything to get a boosted stamina.

GNC Testosterone Booster

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How Testosterone Boosters Work

Low testosterone is the root cause of a cascade of other problems which boil down to lowered self esteem. With low hormone levels, the body is unable to stimulate muscular growth, this causes a loss of muscle mass. With reduced muscle comes reduced energy, the body channels blood to all priority processes such as the brain and heart functioning. The result of this is a considerably reduced stamina and libido. In some men, low testosterone manifests as erectile dysfunction.

The ideal booster should be able to re-establish blood supply while at the same time stabilizing hormone release and utilization.

Below we seek to take you through an in depth comparison of GNC testosterone boosters and Testo Max which is the newest release by Crazy Bulk.

GNC Testosterone Boosters

For years, GNC has been faithfully providing the world with all kinds of supplements. Before the advent of e-commerce sites, GNC was basically synonymous with supplements. With a worldwide thriving market, it is rather obvious that there is significant importance placed on wellbeing and health.

At GNC, it is important to note that these pills are not referred to as testosterone boosting pills but rather as “hardcore pills”

There are a great number of pills provided that all serve the same function of enhancing testosterone levels.

Below we look at a few of them and what they offer.

  1. Nugenix

The most common and by far the most sought after. It offers a great libido, and improved sleep along with growth of muscle mass.

  1. PharmaFreak Test Freak

Contains TrIbulus terrestris and fenugreek extract which are common ingredients in testosterone boosters, this product functions well when stacked with other boosters.

It shows promising results and the customer reviews are generally promising.

  1. Force Factor Test X 180 Ignite

This line of products from Force Factor have received very positive reviews among customers worldwide.

The Ignite is probably the most potent of the entire line which uses a variety of organic additives to give a noticeable change within a period of 8 weeks according to the company’s website.

  1. Growth factor 9

With a rating of 7 out of 10 stars, this “clinically tested hormone Secretagogue” has shown positive results in many areas such as stamina, energy and improved recovery time.

The major challenge with this supplement is that it does not have positive reviews in the older generations or on any man above the age of 45.

Testo Max

Testo max is the trending testosterone booster in the world of supplements at the moment. With its all-round approach towards testosterone boosting, and its natural ingredients, this is what is described as the real deal.


  • Tribulus terrestris is a fruit extract that naturally increases testosterone levels
  • D-aspartate a non-essential amino acid naturally produced by the body which increases metabolic activity
  • Ginkgo biloba is an Asian herb which is a natural booster of blood flow and has been used for years in the treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • Panax Ginseng is a root that increases NITRIC oxide levels in blood.
  • Fenugreek extract is a common ingredient in most testosterone boosters.

How Does It Work?

In many ways, Testo max is the ideal testosterone booster. The natural ingredients are used to stimulate the body to release luteinizing hormone which is the natural stimulant for testosterone. Ginkgo biloba causes blood flow to be restored in the many body parts including the penis. The nitric oxide is a major vasodilator which is used in western medicine for treatment of erectile dysfunction.

D-aspartate increase the rate of metabolism which then causes the body to be energized and to build stamina. The fenugreek extract is important in the stabilizing of the hormone levels.

Proven Benefits Of Using Testo Max

  1. There is a detectable increase in serum testosterone levels
  2. Increased sexual drive and libido
  3. There is the development of an athletic body and defined ABS
  4. There are enhanced energy levels, which means longer and even intense workouts

Testo Max Dosage

For maximum results, it is recommended that Testo Max is taken at least thrice a day and before meals. The results are visible after at least two months of consistent Testo Max ingestion.

What Sets Testo Max Apart?

Testo Max - Testosterone BoosterIn a world filled with many myths about what works and what doesn’t, it is important to choose facts and figures over alleged results.

  • Testo Max is made with all natural, organic ingredients, there are no steroids or any other additives that may cause any side effects. Crazy Bulk ensures that this product does not pose any threat of chemical reaction or allergies to the users.
  • Testo Max offers an all-round approach of testosterone boosting that seeks to solve the problem from the root cause. This is an advanced compared to most drugs that offer solutions to the manifestation rather than the problem.
  • Clinical trials done before the release of the drug showed no harmful effects or hidden long term effects due to the use of Testo Max.
  • It is not a habit forming drug and you will therefore not suffer any withdrawal symptoms when you stop using it.
  • Testo Max is brought to you by crazy bulk which has been the producer of many supplements. This long standing history and experience speaks for itself.

Closing Thoughts

It is rather clear that Testo Max rises above in testosterone boosting and in consumer safety. Get a pack today and restore your masculine confidence.