Gynecomastia is the medical term used for man breasts. This is a state where men experience the situation of having abnormally large breasts. This problem is nowadays found is a lot of men. It is not only present in old age men but young boys who are at the age of puberty and at times new born kids are also affected by it.


Gynecomastia medically does not have a bad effect on the health of the person but mentally and psychologically it leaves a lot of negative affect on the person. Newborns and old age men still cope up with it but when this state is found in young boys it has been seen that they get into severe depression. It lowers their self-esteem and confidence and at times also affects their eating habits. There are also certain cases where the patient has reported severe pains in their breasts.

It is not necessary that if a new born child or a boy is affected by this disorder he has to deal with it his entire life. In most cases is goes away on its own. Studies show that in almost 75% of the cases where boys are affected by it during their pubertal age have gotten rid of it within one year. Studies also reveal the 50% of the newborn boys born have large breasts. This problems occurs when the level of estrogen which is likely to be found in more quantity in females and in less quantity in men starts increasing. New born boys mostly have high level of estrogen in their body as they get it from their mother, resulting in big breasts. In most cases within few weeks estrogen level goes back to normal thus reducing the swelling and solving the problem.

It is not necessary that only those who are fat and overweight face this issue. Slim and underweight boys can also be affected by it as it is a state where tissues start growing abnormally near the man’s breasts, making them look bigger. In such cases where being overweight is not the reason of having big breast, exercising and dieting won’t help. You will have to consider and doctor and get this thing resolved with the help of medications and steroids.

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Testosterone is a hormone which starts to decrease in a man’s body after the age of 30. When this hormone starts to decrease, level on estrogen starts increasing thus, leaving a man with big breasts. This disorder is likely to be found in middle aged or old men. Testosterone and estrogen work together in both men and women. Level of testosterone is more in men as compared to women. It is that hormone which stops estrogen in developing big breasts in the body but when due to some reason testosterone starts to decrease in a man’s body estrogen starts doing its work the result of which is big and embarrassing breasts.

Get your hormones level checked before you start exercising like crazy in order to get rid of this problem as it will prevail till your hormone level are not balanced.