Jes ExtenderWhat is Jes Extender?

  • The TRIED and TESTED Jes Extender
  • Utilizes the traction enlargement method; the only available standard method for extending organs that money can buy.
  • Scientific experiments suggest that JES EXTENDER’s traction enlargement method boosts PENIS GROWTH by 40%.
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Why Increase The Micro Penis Length & Girth?

In spite of the sagacity of conceit that accompanies an enlarged and long package, the confidence levels to handle one’s sex life increases greatly. It’s a big challenge for men who have micro penis, it greatly affects their confidence, alters their sex life, and infuriates their marriage partner. It’s therefore inevitable for men with this condition to make an effort to increase their penis length and girth. Fortunately, men with this condition don’t have to destroy their marriages; there is a technique that’s available to address this problem. Jes Extender provides assistance by increasing both the width and length of the penis. This greatly boosts the confidence, sex life, and marriages of the men involved.

Improved Capabilities

The capability to perform at an optimum level in everyday sex life necessitates a sturdy, long, and wide penis. Length and thickness go hand in hand, this ideally contributes to the progress of healthy and lively sex life and consequently marriage.

Protection and Prevention of Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is a disorder in the connectivity of tissue’s in the penis that results in the emerging of scars. This disease causes the loss of length, girth, erectile dysfunction, and anomalous curving in the penis. This condition affects a considerable number of men, if you happen to experience either of these symptoms there’s good news for you; Jes Extender has the solution to your problem. Scientific studies have shown rapid improvements in a group of participants who had the above symptoms. (Read More)

How Does Jes-Extender Treat Peyronie’s Disease?

By applying traction force, Jes Extender forces the tissues to adapt in the way they are structured. The tissues expand in the penis after the cells duplicate, this is as a result of Jes Extender’s ability to suppress the inhibiting factors that are correlated to cellular division. The application of this principle has been embraced in the medical field for a long time; from treating post radiation scars, tissue loss, and skin stretches.

Pharmacological experts are yet to unravel the mystery of Peyronie’s disease. Recent studies addressing this issue have shown that the accumulation of collagen (type 3) is a contributing factor.

As the collagen fibers translucent, this adversely causes the development of the fibrous tissue scars. As the collagen accumulates the more it becomes tight.

The Jes Extender is able to achieve results by a counter-attack to the contraction force triggered by collagen, this is made possible by triggering cellular division; this is made possible by the mechanical traction imposed on the penis.

Micro Penis Solution

Jes Extender Research and Test

Jes Extender’s traction method was subjected to several men who had been suffering from the Peyronie’s disease, the device exerted pressures of about 1,500 g. This treatment was done over a period of half a year as the patients had varying fibrotic plaques; several patients had an erection dysfunction and sensorial disturbances.

Having administered the treatment to the patients, the plaque was no more, recovery from erectile dysfunction, and improved sensitivity in the penis was observed.

This success is attributed to the Jes Extenders ability to subject the penis to mechanical traction and therefore reducing the size and steadiness of the plaque, increases the length, quality of erection, and size of the penis.

Is Jes Extender's Penis Traction Enlargement Technique Approved?

One of the questions that ought to be lingering in your head, is this technique approved and suitable for your overall well-being? Well, to clear all doubt from your mind, it’s important to clarify that this technique has been pharmacologically and scientifically proven to be feasible in producing results. By triggering the penis to constantly grow and stretch, this causes cytokinesis or cell division. The tissues in the shaft of the penis divide, thus creating new tissue, this causes the penis to be long and thick in a short duration of time.

It’s important to mention that the results one gets are dependent on the amount of time that one subjects the penis to the traction device. It’s therefore advisable that as a user, one set’s their goals and objectives. This process is time consuming and requires effort.

Jes-Extender, The Only Proven Non-Surgical Method for Penis Enlargement

Jes Penis ExtenderIt’s important to know the truth for it shall set you free; free from scams, unhealthy products and ideas. That’s why we insist that you clearly understand that penis size, length, and thickness can always be increased. This statement is not just a slogan, but it has been proven pharmacologically and scientifically a time and again.

The ultimate truth that many patients have had to settle for is the fact that only one sole method really produces desirable results and that happens to be the penis traction method; it increases the length, girth, and thickness of the penis.

It’s also important to note that the British Journal of Urology has tried and tested this products’ technique and the results show that the rapid increase of the penis is observed after this product is administered to patients.

Proven Solution for Your Desired Size, Length & Girth

It’s evident that the penile size in many men is a critical factor that ought to be addressed, many agree that it matters. A study carried in various cultures, and backgrounds showed that many marriages and relationships are adversely affected by the issue of micro penis, partners who are dissatisfied with their men’s size often feel like they should leave the relationship.

Well, if you happen to be dissatisfied with your penis, there’s some good news; Jes Extender is here to help you increase the size, length, and girth of your penis.

The other thing you need to know is while you use this product, it will not alter your day to day activities. It’s possible to wear this product during the day and night.

Penis Enlargement Solution