John Cena Natural Is John Cena natural or on steroids? That's a common question asked about the famous wrestler, and given how muscular and developed his physique is it's a perfectly reasonable question to ask. In fact the common reaction for most people when they see someone with a bodybuilder physique is that they have to be on steroids. There's this common myth that steroids do all the hard work for you and they are some kind of magic solution that will give you a great body quickly. This is simply not true.

Steroids do make gains faster and easier, and they do allow for greater development than a person can normally achieve going the natural route. But they are not a quick fix, you still have to put in the time in the gym even when you are using them. So simply assuming some guy is on steroids and that he built his physique easily is unfair to him. You have to take the time to look at the evidence and then make an educated decision as to whether he is natural or is juicing.

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Is John Cena on Steroids?

Let's examine the evidence:

He Continued To Build And Develop Muscle As He Got Older

A basic rule of thumb for bodybuilders is that it's usually possible to add mass for roughly the first 6 years you are training. As long as you are training right and eating right, you body should continue to grow and develop for about 6 years. After that, you kind of hit a point where it becomes increasingly difficult, if not outright impossible, to add any more muscle gains. Unless of course you are a steroid user. When you use steroids you can cause your body to push pass this limitation and continue to get more muscular even after the typical 6 year window has passed.

When you look at John Cena it's pretty clear that he is much bigger and more muscular than he was when he was younger, which is an indication of steroid use.

He Has Flushed Skin

When you are a steroid user one of the most noticeable side effects is that you are going to have skin flushing. This is because steroids raise your body temperature and blood pressure, causing your blood vessels to be more visible. This results in a flushed look to your body. Examining John Cena he doesn't have a tremendous amount of flushed skin, but it is definitely there, especially around his chest. This indicates steroid use.

John Cena Workout

His Skull Looks Larger

Steroids don't cause the bones to grow, they only affect muscular development. So what does an enlarged skull have to do with steroid use? Nothing at all. But it does indicate the use of Human Growth Hormone, or HGH for short. HGH naturally occurs in our bodies, and as we get older the levels drop. HGH is responsible for our ability to grow larger bones, bigger muscles, and generally develop from an infant to an adult. When you use HGH as an adult it often causes your bones to grow, giving a person on HGH a much squarer appearance. One of the most common signs of HGH use is having a skull that looks scarier than normal, and having a skull that is bigger now than it was when you reached adulthood. When you look at John Cena it's pretty clear he meets those criteria, which indicates he is an HGH user.

He Has A Large Waist And Shows Signs Of Bloating

Sure, he's good at hiding it, but the reality is that John Cena does have some bloating in his midsection, and he has a large waist. These are both indicators of steroid use. While he doesn't have significant bloating when you pay attention and look at him it becomes clear that it's there. He probably has a tremendous amount of self control and works hard to keep his stomach sucked in. But from time to time you will see a quick shot of him with his little gut sticking out, which is a sign of steroid use.

So What's The Verdict Is John Cena Natural?

John Cena SteroidsI hate to have to say this for fans of the man, but it's pretty clear he's on steroids. Now let me be clear, this doesn't mean he doesn't have an amazing physique and that he worked hard for it. It just means that he's used a variety of different steroids and other muscle building drugs to get to where he is. The problem here is that with the amount of pressure that's on guys to look like John does as a pro wrestler, many of them feel that they have no choice but to cheat.

In all likelihood, that pressure got to John Cena and he has probably used at the very least and continues to use HGH, Dianabol, and also Testosterone. Unfortunately for John Cena that means that he is endangering his health by using drugs that are known to have major side effects. The good news for you is that there are legal alternatives that can give you similar results without the nasty side effects of HGH and steroids.

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