Male Extra

Do you find your marriage falling apart because of your low sex drive? Is your girlfriend unhappy with your penis size? If yes, don’t worry as Male Extra will give you the extra libido and zeal you are looking for!

Penile size is something every male is bothered about, including you! While some men are naturally endowed with long penises and can easily give hard and long-lasting erections, not everyone is equally blessed.

However this doesn’t mean there’s no hope for them. In fact, it is one a male enhancement pill which claims to give you harder and bigger penises so that you last longer during intercourse. While it’s rare to find products which help treat and tackle all these three areas, this review clearly explains what Male Extra does and claims!

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What is Male Extra and How It Helps in Male Enhancement?

In a nutshell, it is a male enhancement pill which is designed to give you harder and bigger erections, and improved sexual experiences. It also improves your libido for increased sexual desire.

It is manufactured by the leading UK/US based dietary supplement manufacturer, Advanced Health. The company is so generous enough to even provide some free educational material which teaches you how to improve your penile health.

Male Extra is so easy to use to get bigger penises. You just have to take three pills a day, and you soon see the results. As it’s endorsed by numerous medical experts, so you can safely use it, without any worries. Unlike other penile enhancement treatments, there is no risk or fear of suffering from adverse side effects through prolonged Male Extra use.

Best Male Enhancement PillThis is a pill that doesn’t emphasize only on penile size. It also works at improving your sexual performance by teaching you how to improve your ejaculation control. It however gives astonishing results. Some people have experienced a 2.6 inch increase in their penile size after taking male extra for six months.

As the pill is backed by an impressive 90 day money back guarantee offer you have no financial risk buying the pill. Moreover, this guarantee proves how confident the manufacturer is about the effectiveness of their product!


  • As this is a rather new product in the market, there is not much information or literature about male Extra available.
  • While you can easily buy the pill online, it’s not possible to buy it using an NHS prescription. This may make it difficult for some people to acquire the pill.

How Does Male Extra Work?

It is the blend of these ingredients that helps Male Extra improve your penile size and sexual libido and experience.

100% Natural Ingredients

Pomegranate and Niacin

Pomegranate constitutes a major portion of the pill, about 500 mg, which possibly is one of the highest concentrations in the market. Both Niacin and Pomegranate helps those with erectile problems by increasing penis hardness. Together they help improve your stamina and sex drive by increasing the blood flow to the penis so that you get larger and harder erections.

L-Arginine and MSM

Male Enhancemnt ProductMSM and L-Arginine are two other ingredients which help give stronger erections by helping blood vessels dilate for improved penile blood flow.


Cordyceps is another ingredient known to boost your sexual drive.


Zinc does not help much with your erection quality; however it does improve your sperm health. It in fact protects your sperms from alien bodies to give you optimal penile health.

Will Male Extra Pills Help You in Penis Enlargement?

As Male Extra is a new product in the market, there is not much information or proof that it will work for everyone. However the various studies and reviews indicate that it does work, and is the best penis enhancement product for any potential customer.

As it’s been proven on various occasions that pomegranate and niacin are very effective at combating erectile problems, and as they are included in Male Extra on a large scale, you should expect encouraging results from the penis enhancement pill.

If you do a bit of browsing, you should be able to find some mainly positive reviews on the internet as so far, most customers are satisfied with it’s results and quote it’s the best. This proves that the pill is slowly but surely gaining a good reputation as the best male enhancement pill in the market.

Moreover, the manufacturers have conducted their own studies on the pill and have concluded that on an average, the penile length increases by 2.6 inches after 6 months of taking the pill. In terms of short term gains, there should be a growth of 0.8 inches in three months time. So as long as you are patient, and have faith in the pill, you will experience penile growth.

Expected Side Effects

Male Extra is the best penis enhancement pill in the market today; proven by the fact that the manufacturers are defiant the pill has no related side effects. This is mainly because the pill is made using natural ingredients which have a reduced chance of developing any side effects.

Rate and Where To Buy Male Extra – The Best Men Enhancement Pills

As you need to take Male Extra continuously for a few months to experience penile growth, it’s better buying several months’ supply. Moreover, like other penis enhancement pills, Male Extra too comes with discounts you can make use of when you buy in bulk.

In case you still want to just try out the pill first, you need to pay $64.95 for a single bottle which lasts a month. However if you want to buy in bulk, then you can get as many as 6 bottles for $249.90 along with some gifts like an instant erection gel and a bottle of performer5. Just head to the official website and place your order.

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Male Extra Pills – A Winner

It’s not easy giving a review of a new product in the market which does not have much literature backing it. However things are a bit different with this pill as its strong medical backing puts most of your fears aside.

Any existing evidence about the pill points that it is a definite winner in the field of male enhancement. Past customers have only provided positive reviews and statistics which made us believe that Male Extra will indeed help increase the size of your penis, and improve your sex life.

With the blend of natural ingredients, there is a minimal risk of side effects, and the 90-day money-back guarantee gives you all the more confidence in the product and reason for at least giving it a try as you have nothing to lose in the long run!