Mike O'HearnWith a resume that includes winning the Mr. Universe on 4 different occasions, and also being named fitness model of the year 7 times, it's no wonder that many people wonder if Mike O'Hearn is natural or using steroids.

The sad truth is that steroid use runs rampant in the world of bodybuilding as well as in many other highly competitive sports. It seems like every day, there is some athlete claiming that some supplement they took must have had something in it that they weren't aware of.

It's a story repeated over and over again, and the honest truth is that these guys are full of it. But it's not like they can just come out and say they do steroids, so they play the innocent victim. It's because of this culture that whenever a lot of people see a really big and muscular guy they just assume he's on steroids.

It's an unfair bias to have because quite a few very muscular men have achieved their results due to dedication to their workouts and to their diet. When it comes to Mike O'Hearn it's important to weigh the evidence, and once you do, you will probably realize that odds are this is a guy who has gone the natural route and has achieved extraordinary results due to his hard work and his great genes.

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Reasons Why Mike O'Hearn Is Not On Steroids

  1. Mike O'Hearn is a 4 time Mr. Universe winner. For those of you unfamiliar with this particular bodybuilding contest there are strict rules and guidelines in place to prevent anyone who is not naturally from competing. Not only has Mike O'Hearn competed in and won the contest, he has done so multiple times. That means that on many different occasions he has passed through all of their strict monitoring without having a problem. So what kinds of testing do they have in place? Not only do they do urine and blood tests, they even do polygraph tests. Mike O'Hearn has passed all of these with flying colors, which means he's either extraordinarily skilled at deception, or he's all natural.
  2. He has great genetics. If you look back at pictures of Mike when he was still a teenager he has the type of muscular development that most guys can only dream of. At an age when many guys are struggling to try to enter manhood as they start high school, Mike had already built the type of physique that many guys twice his age and with much more training under their belt would be envious of. What does this mean? It means that he either started out on steroids at a young age, which is very unlikely, or he's one of those rare few individuals that has great genes for building muscle.
  3. HMike O'Hearn Naturalis traps are not overly developed. In guys on steroids one of the telltale signs is overdeveloped trap muscles. That's because the trap muscles have a lot of androgen receptors, which means that they respond very well to steroids. When you look at professional bodybuilders most of them have huge traps, this is completely unnatural. Without steroids you can't build that kind of mass in that muscle group, which Mike hasn't done, which goes on to show you that he is likely all natural.
  4. Mike O'Hearn also doesn't have many of the other negative side effects that are commonly seen in people who use steroids for a long time. At 47 years of age, with decades of experience behind him as a bodybuilder, if Mike was using steroids it would have been for quite a while. But when you look at him you don't see acne, thinning hair, flushed skin, water retention, or extreme vascularity. While he is more vascular now than when he was younger this can easily be attributed to the aging process since your body produces less collagen as you age and as a result your skin thins.
  5. One thing that a lot of people like to point out about Mike is that not only does he pack a lot of muscle, and has little body fat, he maintains that look year round. But what you have to remember is that in order to avoid putting on fat, while maintaining muscle, proper nutrition goes a long way. As long as you are consuming enough good calories to maintain your muscle, and are not consuming more than you use, then you aren't going to pack on any body fat.

The Verdict: All Natural

Unless Mike O'Hearn has somehow managed to avoid being caught by the stringent methods used by the Mr. Universe competition, and he has also managed to avoid all of the signs of steroid use, then he is all natural. It's unfair to look at the man and just assume because he's built an incredible body that he is cheating. Do a lot of guys that are extremely muscular cheat and use steroids? Yes, but Mike O'Hearn is not one of them.

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