This year I complete the move across the country and might no longer train at my home gym. During this period, I bounced around from a profitable gym to commercial gym, exercise in Louisiana, South Carolina, and ubiquitously in between. Over the sequence of the last 12 months, I've educated a few things about new exercise habits. There are sure programming propensities that gym rats gravitate to, tendencies that are distant from optimal, and are typically a good indication that development won't be happening.

If you're unique of “these guys,”; an apprentice who has made embryonic development and is creating one (or more) of the errors featured in this article, it's time to alteration. Do you want to build as much power and forte as possible? Or would you favor to remain in the terrestrial of mediocre improvements?

That's the query. What's your response?

Discharge the advice in this object, and you are closing the entrance on gains. It's time to stop existence a pretender and start gaining some welfares from your labors in the gym.

The following list is in no precise order.

#1 – Your Main Shoulder Exercise is Smith Machine above Presses

I'm foremost off this list with Smith machine overheads. When it originates from shouldering training, this drive is a gym rat staple. It's infrequent to find a barbell or dumbbell bear movement being used to bout the delts.

Smith machine above presses is perhaps the most shoulder-torturing workout I've tried throughout my 28 years of elating. And when I say torturing, I don't unkind it in the right way. Most skilled strength trainers I've talked to settle with this assessment.

If you poverty to strain or injure your bears, this exercise is a great home to start. By removing the normal lifting plane and replacing it with a wholly vertical plane, you are additional introduction strain upon accept, joints, and stabilizer muscles.

Location this danger factor sideways, Smith machine newspapers are purely a cop-out, a half-hearted determination to train the shoulders. There are sufficient other shoulder workouts that are better (and safer). Think I'm existence too harsh? Why is it ok to hit the ribcage with barbell bodybuilding but not the shoulders?

Growth Tip – Stop captivating the easy way out and substitute the Smith machine overhead press with a barbell overhead press difference. There are plenty to select from.

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#2 – Your Barbell Squats Appearance More Like WTF Squats

Although I am preliminary to see more and more lifters doing deep squats, most movements did in the squat rack look additional like WTF squats. Half squats, knees-in squats to a high bench; you designation it I've seen it over the sequence of the preceding year.

Notwithstanding the insane quantity of squat form gen on Muscle & Strength, YouTube, and the breather of the Internet, this crusade continues to be overwhelmed and mangled by winches from sea to admirable sea. Not only is that, but the quantity of weight being used sadly weak.

135 pound half squats made with your knees in are not first a colossal waste of time, but they will also mallet the living snot out of your laps. I've never seen industrialized quad mass on a winch using this style of squatting, and I not ever will. Why bother using a workout that isn't going to yield consequences?


Let it be recognized that half squats home MORE stress on the laps than deep squats. Since you are not hitting proper depth, constrains are under-utilized. This inequity the squat and insertion more strain on the forward muscles. The result? The unwanted stress upon the knee.

So there you take it. Lightweight partial squats yield little muscle mass and are horrifying for your knees. Are you prepared to set this movement sideways yet? I hope so.

Growth Tip – Hit Youtube and study how to squat correctly. Repetition your squat form with reasonable weight and slowly develop as you feel more self-assured with your style.

#3 – Are You Still Doing Front Side Raises?

Yes, this is a thoughtful question. You just did 20 sets of bench presses, so why in the heck are you hammering your obverse delts with additional work?

Your front delts are functioned hard enough when persistent. The bench press alone is such a robust front delt builder that numerous seasoned bodybuilders I know talk about consuming over-developed obverse delts.

Not lone is direct front delt work infrequently needed, but it also can donate to shoulder issues. Most gymnasium bros are previously over-training the chest and front delts though under-working the bears and back. This makes a shoulder girdle imbalance.

When you make a strength and muscle inequity in the upper body like this, you are location your self up for shoulder and joint subjects.

Growth Tip – In its place of doing front raises, board your rear delts with extra work. Try using expression pulls, bent over opposite flyes, or reverse pec dec.

#4 – Two Hour Exercise Sessions But Your Strength Levels Suck

Living in the gymnasium isn't successful in helping you if your forte levels suck. There I said it. Interference over.

“Animal mode” without progressive excess is simply bro mode. Irrespective of the training system you are by, if you aren't pushing for progressive overload in some form or style, your workout is simply a calorie-burning action. And perhaps a joint destroying activity as well.

If employed hard and staying weak is your impression of a good workout, welcome to the land-living of no gains. Burning calories is not the identical thing as building muscle.

To get as large as possible, you need to test yourself in the gym continually. The best method to do so is by pushing for additional weight on the barbell, dumbbell, or mechanism.

Why do you reason so many gym-bros remain small? The obvious response is evident,

Growth Tip – Try to exploit each set. Push each set for as countless reps as possible, discontinuing only if your form starts to worsen or if you think you might fail on the next rep.

#5 – You Call That a Hamstring Test?

If the regular gym rat performs any direct hamstring effort at all, it's usually easy and ineffective.

The best method to kick off a quality hamstring development session is with a tag team of deep squats and leg presses. Afterward this point, there are many top-notch hamstring movements to choose from. I endorse:

  • Leg Curls
  • Stiff Leg Deadlifts
  • Wide Stance Good Mornings
  • Glute Ham Raises

While I see around 25% of lifters employed legs, I rarely see them stimulating their hamstrings. Typically they perform half squats or Smith squats shadowed by light and broken leg presses. This “quad work” generally is capped off with weak and useless calf work.

“Leg day” over. So useless, so few gains.

Growth Tip – Try the humble combination of stiff leg dumbbell deadlifts and leg curls. If stiff limb deadlifts are not to your taste, use opposite hack squats.

#6 – “Arm-Centric” Lat Pull Fuzzes Are Not a Strong Back Builder

Lat pulldowns can be a decent back-building workout. Lat pulldowns done indecorously are only another arm-centric drive that won't yield abundantly in the method of back size and forte.

Backward movements should do use the arms as hooks only. Distillate on heavy your elbows back in its place of dragging with your hands. This will minimalize bicep participation while letting you move the additional weight, build a better back, and become a better lat reduction.


Greatest lifters stick to lat pull fuzzes as their primary back structure exercise. It's also not rare to see trainees execution several pulls down differences; possibly V-bar pulldowns or behindhand the neck pulldowns. Weighty rows and deadlifts are characteristically nowhere to be found. Syndicate this weak back training method with a poor shoulder test, and you have an unbalanced upper body that absences power and aesthetics.

Growth Tip – A decent back workout features at least a row and pulls down differences (or pull-ups). Make sure you distillate on explosively heavy your prods back, regardless of the contrast used.

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#7 – Forearm/Grip Effort When Your Back/Shrug/Deadlift Forte Sucks

Let's get actual here for an instant. If you're training prepares and grip strength but have not ever performed a deadlift, weighty barbell shrug or barbell row, you're alive in an imaginary world.

The dishonorable for any thoughtful forearm size and grip forte training should be movements of this nature. Then and only then, if you prepare remain weak and soft, should you add in straight forearm work. Smooth then, this makes work should be inspiring and not merely 20-pound wrist locks over a bench.

Here's somewhat you may not distinguish. Grip forte is tied in with back forte. If your back is feeble, the intelligence will send a sign for you to announce a weight since imminent hazard is lurking about the corner.

So, if you poverty more grip forte, the best place to start is by structure as much back forte as possible; this will not lone make it less probable that your brain will cry, uncle. However, you will also be robust as a bear and structure adequately prepare size and grip forte due to the sheer strength of the barbell work existence used.

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Growth Tip – If you are by rows, shrugs, and deadlifts but motionless have stubborn prepare, try weighty wrist breakers, and barbell still holds. Both of these movements are profoundly real and take only notes to perform.

#8 – Mind Power Connection 20 Pound Mumbling and Screaming Curls

If you have minor arms, the mixture of a moderately light heaviness and the mind-muscle joining isn't going to do you abundant good. Your essential heavy ass weight also acknowledged as progressive overload.

To instigate with, the biceps are a slight muscle group. If you aren't stimulating them, then how can you imagine to make gains? No, I am not speaking about cheat curls here. I am talking about using a severe form with a focus on hammering out all set for as numerous reps as possible, add weight when you can.

Every bro darlings to curl. Let's be truthful; we all poverty massive arms. There is nothing incorrect with the mind-muscle joining. But if the concentration muscle connection is not tag-teamed with progressive overload, it's just another exercise in uselessness.

You can shriek and sound all you want. You can “feel the injury” and push for a drive without structure much power. Don't be one fake pony. Get your pump and attention muscle joining on during creation. Your biceps are sturdier.

Growth Tip – Save your drive work for the end of a biceps meeting. Instigate with an excellent bicep building workout like barbell curls and push for progressive overload. When these sets are done, get your pump on.

#9 – You Call That a Triceps Test?

Though everyone darlings to hammer out reps on the bench press, the regular triceps workout looks wretched. The particular bro triceps session contains lightweight skull crushers, cable triceps postponements, and infrequently dumbbell kickbacks.

The triceps make up two-thirds of your support size. They can income a lot of intensity and sentence, and for the most significant part, recover rather rapidly.

Though the triceps are worked fairly effectively when bench insistent, it's a wise impression to back up this pre-fatigue with specific active triceps-building movements.

I indorse at least close grasp bench presses and a weighty triceps extension movement like sat overhead two-arm dumbbell postponement. If you want to texture off with pump work using chain postponements or kickbacks, that's fine. Just brand sure to test this beefy arm lump with weighty weight first.

Growth Tip – Don't overlook that the long head of the triceps is a binary joint muscle. When execution lying triceps postponements, it's ok to let the EZ bar ride to the spinal of your head.

#10 – Calves Need Resistance Too

One of the most significant common complaints in the exciting realm is this: I can't appear to get my calves to produce no matter what I do. Inappropriately, this “no matter what I do” rarely includes an insatiable focus on receiving the calves as loud as humanly likely.

Your calf powers are built to take a thrashing. They are a muscle group right for boring training. Since of this, boring training in the gymnasium often doesn't work very healthy.

I am not effective you to abandon high rep sets. Irrespective of the rep scheme you are by, try assertive each game for additional reps and add weight when you can. If this resonance like a familiar melody in my articles, you are contagious on (and probably creation gains).

Can you expect your calves to produce if you've remained using the same heaviness for the last 3 years? No. This “sentence” isn't going to be sufficient to spur improvements. Now, if you get this similar exercise up to 5 dishes per side, the tides might turn, and your minor calves might morph into influential bulls.

Growth Tip – If you're consuming trouble raising your calves, you might essential more than progressive overload. Try exercise your calves 2-3 times per week and timepiece them grow.