Weight loss is an issue faced by millions of people world over. Companies all over the globe have tapped into the market seeking to provide the ultimate way to lose weight without the hustle of exercise. Drowning men hold onto straws and because of these innocent people have been dubbed with various alternatives in the forms of pills, surgeries and belts that all seek to provide an easier alternative to weight loss.

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What is PhenTabz?

PhenTabz is a pill that is produced and marketed by Lexium International. The pill works by stimulating metabolism, mobilizing fat break down and suppressing the feeling of hunger. The daily recommended dose is one pill, it can however be taken twice, but no more than two pills per day.


  • Caffeine a natural stimulant approved by the FDA. It increases mental alertness while at the same time boosting metabolism.
  • DMAA also called Dimethylamylamine is an ingredient whose use was banned by the FDA. Its side effects and lack of clear as are some of the reasons for its ban.
  • Synephrine which is commonly known as bitter orange, is not FDA approved, but is still used because of its success in boosting of metabolism.

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How does it work?

It acts rapidly by giving a sense of satiety, this works as an appetite depressant. With little desire to eat, your body is able to burn down all the existing fats and sugars.

In addition, the various ingredients in PhenTabz also stimulate the body’s metabolism to burn down fat reserves, which goes a long way in enabling weight loss. The pill is also one of the very few pills in the market that give the user an energy boost.

Side effects

The greatest fear with PhenTabz is the ingredients. The drug contains DMAA which is by far a very dangerous additive. FDA has for many years taken a strong stand on DMAA not being good for human consumption. The use of DMAA with other ingredients such as caffeine, has been shown to cause increased blood pressure, cardiovascular problems and shortness of breath.

There have been no clinical research or trials on the drug which raises question as to whether this drug should even be on the market.

Customer feedback

Many people that have used the drug, have been lured by the allure of evidence within 30 days which is pretty impressive. Most of the consumers have recorded being irate, terrible mood swings, constantly being jittery and in extreme cases insomnia.


All the supposed advantages of PhenTabz are pretty attractive. Visible results in a few days, a simple capsule per day and affordable plans. Very alluring.

The real question revolves around why the company is still producing this drug even with the side effects linked to its major ingredients. Cardiovascular risks are no joke and especially not in individuals who are already at risk of being obese.

The company manufacturing PhenTabz has been manufacturing weight loss pills for around 20 years or so. While this adds to their expertise, it does not put users at ease to know that the drugs they are on could have life threatening ingredients in them.


Phen375 Vs. PhenTabzThis is the ultimate answer to all weight problems. This is a legal, FDA approved weight loss pill that was released into the market in 2009. It serves to solve all the problems that all other weight loss pills could not maneuver.


  • L-carnitine- this is a fat burner that serves to mobilize fat cells into the bloodstream for metabolism
  • 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine is a natural substance that works by stimulating the body to use fat cells as energy sources and hence weight loss
  • Eurycoma longifolia a natural herb from Indonesia has been shown to be a natural fat burner
  • Sympathomimetic amine enables the body to release norepinephrine naturally, which then boosts metabolism.

How does it work?

Phen375 works by suppressing appetite. This causes an individual to eat less and hence reduces the buildup of fat. Unlike other drugs, it also serves to increase the metabolism of fat reserves so that the body doesn’t resort to building up fat. Another great feature is the fact that this drug has been shown to be selective in fat depletion hence sparing muscle, this enables the individual to retain their lean mass and strength.

FDA approval and side effects

The FDA has given the approval for the use of this drug as a weight loss stimulant. All the individual ingredients of this pill have been tested and proven to not only be organic but safe for human consumption.

L-carnitine and the other ingredients are organic substances gotten from herbs and proteins. They therefore pose no risk of allergies or even side effects when taken orally.

The side effects of taking phen375 are minimal to nil. Revolving around slight dizziness to sleep irregularities, taking this pill is just like taking coffee.

Customer Feedback

For the few years, it has been on the market, phen375 has risen to fame due to its amazing and noticeable effects, most consumers have indeed attested to the fact that there was a noticeable change from within 3 days and a loss of up to 230 pounds in two months.Phen375 For Men & Women

The fact that all the ingredients are safe is just one of the major selling point of this pill. Nothing accelerates weight loss better than a stress free mind and this is exactly what the phen375 offers. It shows you that it is possible to be happy and to be losing weight at the same time.


The review says it all. Provided with two similar drugs said to be functioning in the same way, customer review should be a major deciding point because it gives an idea of what to expect, the good and the ugly. This is more important to users compared to testimonials on what the drugs did.

Phen375 is indeed the drug of choice. The success record and the organic ingredients are a trusting point for individuals looking to secure their health.

In a world dominated by cancer, one can never be too sure on what they allow into their body and especially if it is not approved by the watchful eye of the FDA.