Building an extensive, thick back means working the whole end through a variety of workouts, and hitting it hard with specific major mass movements.

For any back drive, I aim to work through a full range of motion regulations, both the positive and negative portion of all rep. I will use a weight that lets me be able to pull my shoulder edges back and contract the targeted strengths.

As with any workout, proper form and position are essential to maximizing results, and back exercises are no different. We have all seen somebody using a lat pull-down machine with no real procedure and just moving the bar up and depressed in any manner. The efficacy of that exercise is entirely missed by poor form.

Most back exercises need the shoulders to move backward, letting the muscles of the upper and middle back as healthy as the lats to contract and tauten with each rep. Frequently times, the lower back upholds a slight arch and does not the round end. With that said, here are an insufficient of my main back movements that form the main of any back package I use.

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My 5 Preferred Back Building Exercise

Bent-Over Barbell Rows

The barbell rows are by far my favorite mass building back drive. I have relied on this workout for years to build thick, strong lats as well as hit the strengths of the upper back.

I use an insufficient variation of the barbell row. The most corporate row is done with the torso bent over the ground with a slight bend in the knee. Head and chest break up and keep a small arch in the lower back.


Though, I prefer a slight difference of this form, made famous by Dorian Yates, where somewhat than curve the torso the full 90 degrees, the body is bent forward a bit additional than 45 degrees. The head and chest hooked up, and there is a small arch in the lower back, but for me, these brands a tremendous change in the feel of the drive. I can squeeze the lats and feel them through the entire variety of this movement.

One other difference I like to use is a different grip on the bar. Having an underhand grip is a small alteration, but adds yet new unique feel to the movement.


Pull-ups are by far the most excellent body resistance exercise. They are countless for targeting the muscles of the higher back and lats.

Pull ups are a workout the lifting community overlooked for a long time but recently has recovered a more frequent advertisement in backward movements. There is a many feeling of accomplishment afterward you fight against your body weight, and slight by little grow stronger and talented to do more pull-ups reps.

You may discover different pull up gear variations in your gym. This will offer manifold possibilities for hand positions. I find that testing with those is an excellent way to keep the exercise new and target different parts of the back.

Near Grip Lat Pull Downs

For a whole back workout, I will add a specific type of lat pull-down into the mix. I typically will not do these in a similar workout package as pull-ups, however. Afterward, blasting my lats with noises – either a barbell, dumbbell, or pulley row – lat pulldowns are a great compliment and round out a whole back training session.

Directing the muscles of the upper back, I get countless feel and squeeze through numerous different differences in this exercise. Close grip lat pulldowns, using the handle grip from the winch row machine, is one of my preferred pull-down variations. With the earlier grip, I can crush my shoulders back, save my chest up, and feel the strengths of my upper back and lats constricting.

We, too, will do several other kinds of pulldowns to continually effort the back through a diversity of angles and positions. The most shared pull-down movement is the wide grip pull down, where I save my hands just wider than shoulder-width separately on the bar.

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Reverse grip lat pulls down adds an entirely different feel though using the same bar as extensive grip pull-downs. For this workout, I bring my hands into the center of the bar and grab it with a deceitful grip.

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One other difference of the lat pull down we use is a palms opposite grip pull down. This exercise usage a bar that has handles facing one additional, set about shoulder-width separately.

Seated Low Pulley Rows

To repeatedly change things up, I like to usage seated pulley rows in place of barbell noises from time to time. For me, it is a countless mass movement, and I can surely concentrate on pulling and hugging with my lats.

For this workout, I prefer to keep the grips low and pull additional into my waist than to my upper abs. I am healthier able to feel this exercise when doing them this method.


To enhance size and thickness to the traps, that are noticeable in any back posture or shot, barbell or dumbbell shrugs are the way to go. I add these into my back monotonous after doing some of the movements I have mentioned above.

I love final off a back workout with some weighty shrugs. There is somewhat about using a massive heaviness and trying to shrug your bears up to ears that are satisfying yet so incredibly stimulating at the same time. After a usual excellent shrug, I can feel my tricks not only from my neck out to my bears but also right down the center of my upper back.

Deadlifts – Back Bodybuilding or Leg Movement?

This appears to be an often debated topic. At eras, I have used deadlifts at the end of my back workouts. It is one of my preferred all-around exercises. It does, though, use a great deal of leg strength, especially during the foremost half of the movement.

The additional half of the movement afterward, the legs have raised the weight off the floor trusts on back strength as you use your lower back muscles to alternate the hips and move to a perpendicular position. This is undoubtedly a full-body movement, which takes infinite power and strength throughout to complete.


Newly I have broken down this program to focus primarily on the muscles of the lower back. After the implementation of the first rep off the floor, I will then only inferior the weight to just past my laps, maybe as little as mid-shin. I raise the bar back up, concentrating on my lower back responsibility for all the work.

This alteration takes most of the leg strength out of this difference of the deadlift, and I can see distillate on using this primarily as a rear-drive. I am not sure how I will work with this form at the moment, but it surely does allow me to put more stress on my back when doing it this method.

Inside each workout program, I will choose numerous of these exercises contingent upon the goals and focus of each package. Diversity is crucial, and the goal is to hit all shares of the back from a variety of angles.

I am comfortable with your thoughts, questions, and involvements with deadlifts or any of your favorite back movements.