The old school rationale where the building is concerned is that it’s pretty black and white to see progress. Add heaviness to the bar, put the pin further down on the heap, and gun for the same quantity of reps, and you’re golden.

Though they’re not entirely wrong, it’s worthwhile to inspect other perspectives and reason, outside the box.

Let’s consider out the pros and cons (if any) to all the methods that apply.

Method 1: Add More Weight

Like I stated above, this is the most straightforward way to approach this – and don’t get me wrong; it will provoke gains. The thing is, there are also additional variables that come into production when applying this rationale.

For instance, if you take a 400-pound deadlift and your goalmouth has only been to make it sturdier and stronger in terms of total strength, on paper, this sounds delightful. From a general viewpoint of health, your “forte” is becoming more and additional specific to that specific task (that of picking the barbell up off the ground once).

And anybody’s actual rep max usually looks pretty ugly, so odds are you’ll be breaking the limits of good form quite a few times lengthways your road to gains. The most beautiful part about all of this tells to hypertrophy. If your goal is to get bigger, odds are you don’t need to make significant load upsurges your number 1 focus, beyond a certain point.


Method 2: Add More Reps using the Similar Weight

There is a twosome of benefits to using this technique. First, we should toss out the idea that we should be limited to “8-10 reps for size improvements”. That’s not an inadequate instruction, but it’s very exclusionary and meant as an over-all rule of thumb for complete novices.

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Any study of basic training exposes that different rep ranges work for different persons, and numerous respond very well by pushing developed rep ranges for their sets. The goalmouth for hypertrophy is that of wearing muscle fibers as best we can, and expansion set time via advanced reps can help that reason.

Furthermore, if we want to get a bit more technical, we can look at the muscle fiber delivery throughout our bodies. It’s fair to say that not all of our strengths are going to be geared to explosive, fast-twitch dominant drive and contraction.

Exercise them in low rep ranges will only be partial the answer in seeing them reply via growth. Instead, training them via fortitude style training can be the kick in the chinos they need to respond via growing.

If you can’t grip doing sets of 20 reps, or truly trust the weight will be too “light” for your taste if you do, then try doing ranking sets with your 12 rep max in its place. This will be a method to get 20 reps with a weightier load, using short-lived “breaks” to get there. Check out the audiovisual for an example using the squat.

Method 3: Reduction your Rest Interval

Let’s take a step retrograde and say time your rest intermission. You wouldn’t trust how many people in the gymnasium don’t stay strict with a set amount of rest time between sets of any workout.

Particularly when we’re tired, we tend to sink to recovering fully before starting our next set. We should be more worried about the training effect and trying to keep our muscles tired somewhat than get them to feel healthier again.

If you appearance around your club, you’ll perhaps notice how many people don’t set a timer amid sets at all. If you’re someone who does, before adding heaviness, see what you can do when you decrease the rest interval by 10 or 15 seconds apiece set.

The reason agendas like German Volume Training and Gironda’s 8×8 technique work so well for hypertrophy improvements is because the exercise is complete for high volume while nearly always in a fatigued state. Even however the load being lifted is not comparatively heavy (often starting about 60% of 1RM), by the central point, the lightweight feels very weighty.

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Though, if you want to lift more to the 80-85% range, ditch the 5x5s with 2-minute rest amid sets, and as an alternative, do 15 x 2 with 45 seconds rest amid games, using the same heaviness you would in the 5×5.

The reason this would be many developments is that you’re doing an outstanding total of more full reps (30 vs. 25), and you’re charitable yourself lower rest time while safeguarding good quality reps from a formed viewpoint. You are combining forte and conditioning in this way will permit you a cut upstairs the rest.

Method 4: Change your Tempos

If you’re acquainted with my effort, you know I’m one to take any chance I can to sing the praises of stopped reps and tempo reps. In both cases, these rep approaches to increase time consumed under tension and are a true testament to how much weight you can individual.

Existence able to do a wobbly single or double with 300 pounds is less imposing than being talented to do 3 or 5 reps with a 4 second eccentric and silence at the bottom, even if the weight is 15 or 20 percent brighter. It shows better adulthood and switches with the pressure, and your muscles will be healthier trained from it.


Most persons in the gym use a usual 1/0/1/0 training method, partly because they don’t know better, and somewhat because their egos get in the way. “Receiving the reps in” starts counting more than quality of the reps did, and “lifting more weight” also heads having a purpose behind exercise.

Take an appear at the oldest, best advanced, and most old winch at your gym the next time you get an accidental (I’m presumptuous it’ll be some guy who’s in his 50’s or 60’s and looks enormous). Odds are he didn’t overload and cheat-rep his method to his gains more than a minor percentage of the time.

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And odds are you’ll notice that he doesn’t boost obscenely heavyweights anymore, or at all. He probably focuses on the incentive each rep can provide his strengths if you poverty to last the test of time and have a body that demonstrates it, you may indigence to take a page out of their book.


You can keep the additional weight to the bar and try to be a hero. Particularly if you’re weak, that may be precisely what you need.

For the break of us, however, it’s a healthier idea to think outside the box and remove the boundaries people subordinate with “progress.”

You are operating many other variables can assistance you in kick past tables in a safe way that creates a new biosphere of stimulus for your strengths.