I recall the first time I ever picked up bodybuilding fortnightly intending to learn how to grow and train. I knew nonentity at the time but was ready to immerse up all the information that this fortnightly was prepared to give. I found the test of the biggest guy in the fortnightly (an IFBB pro who shall continue nameless). This magazine registered his favorite workout strategy and the reasons why it was his preferred. One statement provided me an answer I was looking for. This bodybuilder specified, “When I am annoying to get big, I lift hefty for low reps, but when it is time to get thin for a show, I lift lightweight for high reps. This is what burns the fat.” I reckoned this had to be true. Meanwhile, he was huge and lean.

As I developed more entrenched into the bodybuilding world, I would catch this same bit of “knowledge” over and over. In my never-ending hunt for knowledge, it did not take me extended to discover that this shared chant of, low reps for mass and high reps for cuts, was just fundamental wrong. The truth about rep varieties is something that is mainly unknown within the bodybuilding public.

I work with customers of all different experience heights. Some have been rivals for years and have reached top levels of rivalry, while others are just preliminary out on their bodybuilding trip. It doesn't substance the level of the apprentice; I am always surprised to find that this is a somewhat simple topic that is mainly misunderstood.


Well, no additional! I want to secure the air. This may not be revolutionary new information to the bodybuilding biosphere, but it is somewhat that every bodybuilder should distinguish.

Low Reps

Low reps are typically categorized as reps in the 1-5 range. It is frequently said that low reps will rouse fast-twitch muscle fibers while high reps stimulate the slow twitch power fibers. This is yet an additional false fact about rep ranges. The truth is that low reps will rouse ALL muscle fibers from sluggish to middle fast and everything in amid.

The body calls threads into play on an as a wanted basis in order from slow to the middle to fast. When a load is located on a muscle, the slow-twitch fibers will be employed first. If the sluggish twitch fibers cannot generate sufficient force to lift the weight, then the body will call the intermediate filaments into action.

If the slow fibers cannot handle the weight or tire out, then the fast-twitch fibers will finally be recruited. When fibers are hired, they are never recruited halfway or partly. When a fiber contract, it will sign agreement maximally, so this income, when you lift a heavy load, you will sufficiently rouse slow and middle muscle fibers.

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Low reps are also real for stimulating myofibrillar hypertrophy. Myofibrillar hypertrophy is an upsurge in the number and scope of the actin and myosin filaments inside the muscle tissue. Strength gains escort this kind of hypertrophy since it includes an increase in the contractile tissue. This is significant because progressive overload is one of the primary supplies for continued long term development. So you can see that actual massive heaviness for low reps is vitally substantial for maximum growth.

Moderate Reps

This rep range is characteristically defined as the 6-12 rep range. Reasonable rep ranges have reliably been proven in study after study to principal to the highest amount of growth. The reason that this rep variety is so real for building muscle is since it does a little bit an all.

This income that it provides many of the welfares of low rep training joint with the benefits of high rep exercise by allowing for comparatively large lots to be used while increasing time under tautness. The large lots allow for myofibrillar protein fusion to take place, which, as deliberated, will increase the scope of the contractile proteins. The augmented time under tension will rouse sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.

Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy is an upsurge of the sarcoplasm and other non-contractile proteins within muscle lockups and is primarily persuaded by lifting light loads for advanced reps. This type of development, although not typically escorted by any strength gains, is the main reason why bodybuilders incline to be more muscular than forte and control athletes.

Moderate rep exercise also induces a high muscle pump. While the pump is often supposed to as a short-term training result, it may result in better growth. Studies show that cellular bulge causes both an upsurge in protein synthesis and a reduction in protein failure.

So though low reps with heavyweight are most excellent at inspiring myofibrillar hypertrophy, and high reps with lightweight are best at inspiring sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, moderate reps seem to raid a balance between inducing significant amounts of together myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. The established track record of the reasonable rep range makes it so that it cannot be overlooked in your training monotonous.

High Reps

High reps are typically considered to be any set that covers 15 reps or more. There are numerous that argue since low reps rouse all the muscle fibers and moderate reps persuade sarcoplasmic protein mixture, that there is no essential to do high rep sets. At first, these noises like sound cognitive, but it leaves out one very significant factor. This vital factor is the effect of glycogen on protein mixture.

Glycogen is a fundamentally stored carbohydrate inside the muscle tissue. Glycogen is hydrophilic, it reasons muscles to swell since each gram of glycogen stores 2.7 grams of water lengthways with it. I know numerous of you are thinking, “why would I poverty my muscles crowded with water?” Besides the detail that this added water will upsurge the size of your strengths, it will also upsurge protein synthesis.

Many persons do not realize that cellular hydration is a powerful anabolic trigger. Protein production is often directly connected to a muscles cells state of hydration. In reply to increased cellular hydration, the cell pledges a signaling cascade that reasons the muscle to grow superior to protect itself.

So what does this all have to fix with high rep training? High rep exercise will drastically deplete glycogen supplies. At chief, this may sound counterproductive, but the body will respond to this depletion by cumulative muscular glycogen stores. In the extended run, this will allow cells to give and lead to higher overall muscle growth and the announcement of the anabolic hormone.

In addition to the above benefits, more significant obstruction is associated with higher rep exercise. This prevents blood from sendoff the area being trained, which can persuade growth through increases in growth factor manufacture and possibly satellite cell synthesis.

Comparing the Varieties

So you now know what purpose each rep range serves, but that is not the entire story. To be able to put this information to good use, you essential to be able to understand this info. Let's take an earlier look.

Even meaningful all of this info, there are motionless those that say high rep training is not essential, and it is best to train only with low to reasonable rep ranges and emphasis solely on progressive excess. A justly recent study recently showed that this is just not true.

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This education took 15 young men and likened two protocols in the leg extension. The investigators compared the protein synthesis reply from 4 sets with 90% (RM) made to disappointment, with 4 games by 30% (RM) taken to failure. This study originates significantly advanced protein synthesis rates after the high rep procedure. This income that the old saying, low reps are aimed at the size and high reps are lone for fat loss is way, way off.


There is motionless one problem with high rep exercise that cannot be overlooked. As stated previously, high reps do vary slightly for enhancing strength gains. Progressive overload is vital for growth to continue, and this must lead us to one deduction. While a tall rep protocol will work well in the small-term, the lack of repeatedly increasing the resistance will finally lead to a stall in growth.

There is a way around this stall, however. By exercise with low to modest reps and loads, you can upsurge strength over time. These forte gains in the 1-5 rep variety will have sort of a “trickle down” result. This means that asset gains in the 1-5 rep range will increase transmission and lead to more forte in the other rep ranges. If a bodybuilder upsurges his one-rep max from 250 to 350 lbs. On the deadlift, you had healthier believe that his 20 rep max will upsurge as well. This is pardon. I mean, when I approximately the strength will dribble down.

So using a diversity of reps and loads will have a synergistic result. Rep ranges are not self-governing of one another. Developments in one area will lead to enhancements in other areas. This conversation is essential to comprehend when putting the whole picture composed.

The Takeaways

There are two main takeaways from all of this info.

  1. All rep varieties will increase muscle growth but finished different pathways. So all ranges should be utilized, no substance if you are gaining or wounding.
  2. Do not usage high reps to start fat loss. All weight training will rouse the metabolism and reason a calories burn. No one rep variety will cause significant fat loss ended another. Diet and cardio should be the main tools you use to hut fat and get lean. Lease the weight build muscle, let your diet cut the overweight.

As you container see, there are no rep varieties that are magically going to brand you lose fat or get torn more than other rep ranges. There is too no merit to the idea that high reps will not allow you to improve lean mass. If you are fasting for a show, just annoying to drop a few pounds, or annoying to gain as much muscle as likely, you must use every single rep range to exploit growth to your fullest possible. So how do you smear this to your workout? It is contingent if you are exercising a muscle group when or twice per week.