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Getting to Know the Perfect Supplement: Review TestRX & Boost Testosterone Naturally

Months have passed since you started working out with the goal of gaining some muscles, not only to feel healthy and look better but also to enhance your performance in doing what you love the most, which is playing sports.

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However, you’re still not getting the result of your regular gym workout. You know you’re getting enough rest, you’re eating right and hydrating yourself adequately, you have a good gym instructor and an excellent workout routine, but nothing has changed.

If you’re slowly getting frustrated and your patience is wearing thin, and now you’re planning either to quit or get one of those injections just to get ripped. Hold on, don’t lose hope because there’s a way for you to get those muscles.

You have to try what most people in your shoes did; they took the supplement TestRX, work out some more, and never looked back!

If you’re wondering what TestRX does, then it’s time for you to get to know it better.

What is TestRX?

Simply, TestRX is a natural bodybuilding supplement and a testosterone booster that helps guys like you get bigger muscles while working out in the gym. And it doesn’t stop there; it also boosts your aerobic performance, helps you lose weight, and wouldn’t you know it, may even help you increase your sex drive.

Yes, you got it right, TestRX is all-natural, unlike steroids, and there’s no synthetic hormone in it.

The link between testosterone and muscle growth.

For you to know how this natural supplement works, you have to also be familiar with the connection between testosterone and muscle growth.

TestRX stimulates your body to produce more testosterone, which in turn, also hasten the rate of protein synthesis inside your body. This helps your body repair and build muscles while limiting cortisol, a hormone that destroys muscle tissues.

Saying it differently, testosterone or male hormone is what all guys need to build muscles, along with protein. TestRX boosts your testosterone level, which in turn speeds up the rate of protein synthesis or how your body process protein from what you eat. This results to your body packing on muscles.

TestRx - Review Natural Testosterone Pills

What does a “boosted” testosterone level does for you?

You’ll be thrilled to learn that with an increased level of testosterone, you should have the following benefits:

  1. More energy;
  2. Your body will have a faster recovery, down to the muscles;
  3. Bigger muscles; and
  4. Have a higher sex drive or increased virility.

The good news is, by supplementing your diet with TestRX, you could prolong having those benefits. Taking TestRX now is crucial. Most men, even if with a healthy diet and adequate rest, have the tendency to lose ten percent of their testosterone level for every decade after reaching the age of thirty years. No amount of time spent in the gym, or no matter how hard you train, you won’t get muscle growth or bigger muscles if you’re at this stage.

Is TestRX a steroid?

Steroids and TestRX couldn’t be more different.

Steroids are drugs and considered illegal when used for muscle growth and not for a specific medical purpose or when used to improve performance in sports and other competitions. Steroids copy the effects of testosterone and are dangerous to use without the supervision of doctors.

TestRX, on the other hand, is an all-natural supplement made with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that instructs your body to hasten testosterone production, nothing artificial or synthetic is introduced into your system since it’s your own body that produces testosterone.

How much or how many TestRX should you take?

TestRX, as a supplement, should be taken twice a day as the instruction says. After taking it, you don’t have to worry about anything and just focus on your routines.

Is TestRX safe?


This is question is the most important question that you could ask, and common sense would suggest that before you use TestRX, you should consult your doctor first and ask for his advice on any health conditions that require taking medications that you may have.

With that being said, TestRX is an all-natural supplement, and if you have no existing health concerns at the moment, then this supplement is safe for you. Besides, its makers Leading Edge Health adheres to strict health and safety regulations enforced in North America.

How long does TestRX take effect?

If you started using TestRX today, you should start feeling more energetic within the first month, and you may notice your muscles getting bigger between one to three months from the first time you took this all-natural supplement.

Why should you choose TestRX, if there are a lot of testosterone boosters around?

Aside from being all-natural, you will find out that TestRX boasts of four advantages to leaving its competitors way behind.

This “Quadruple Advantages” are:

Advantage No.1 – TestRX has the most comprehensive formula, Its makers, Leading Edge Health, made use of all its resources to research and give you TestRX’s powerful blend of proven testosterone boosters. If this all-natural supplement was thoroughly researched, then you can be sure that TestRX has the most superior formula around today.

Advantage No.2 – Optimized Dosing, TestRX was carefully formulated to give you just the right dose for you to have maximum energy, muscle growth, and faster recovery between your workouts. You may very well know that too much or too little is not good, that is why TestRX has optimized dosage to make it perfect and good for you.

Advantage No.3 – Made in the U.S.A., TestRX is being manufactured in a facility that complies with all the required regulations; you could never doubt its ingredients’ freshness, purity, and quality.

Proudly made in the USA, cGMP-compliant facility and a Freshness Certificate, what more could you ask for?

Advantage No.4 – TestRX has ZMA, which is a combination of two specific minerals and a single vitamin that boosts Human Growth Hormone(HGH) and testosterone, as proved in a recent study of NCAA football players. You would probably consider this factor as the most significant component of TestRX.

How could you tell apart TestRX from other bodybuilding supplements?

You have probably dabbled into whey, creatine, and other supplements, and you may have gotten some level of success with these supplements. This may be good for some men, but these products overlooked one very important hormone, testosterone. It’s not complicated; without testosterone, your body won’t increase its protein synthesis, and without protein, you won’t grow or make your muscles bigger.

Besides, TestRx is an all-natural supplement, compared to other weight-lifting supplements that are otherwise.

What are TestRX’s ingredients?

Meticulous individuals like you need to have a closer look at what makes up TestRX. This is only right since anything that enters your system should be carefully scrutinized.

But don’t worry, every capsule of TestRX only contains ingredients that are good for your body, in their respective proper dosages, of course. These ingredients are:

  1. ZMA (Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) – According to scientists, ZMA is known to be a great muscle booster. In a recent study made, which involves NCAA football players, it was found out that ZMA increased the Human Growth Hormone(HGH) and testosterone levels of these players, increasing their muscle growth and performance in just seven weeks. There were also scientific reasons to believe that ZMA could also help the human body’s immune system and help increase energy levels. ZMA has a lot of potentials, these men of science have yet to discover.
  2. Fenugreek Seed Extract (50% Saponins), 75 mg – This is a herb from India and is known to burn body fat and is rich in a compound called 4-hydroxy isoleucine. According to a 2010 study, this amino acid was responsible for boosting testosterone levels and bioavailability and lowering body fat of male volunteers. In another study, researchers found fenugreek boosted arousal and libido in male volunteers without erectile dysfunction, so this is good news for your libido.
  3. Vitamin D3, 2.85 mg – Called “the sunshine vitamin” by most people, this essential vitamin has lots of important and essential functions, such as calcium absorption, immune system support, and cancer prevention. In a study of numerous volunteers, researchers found that Vitamin D3 increased the total, bioactive and free testosterone levels of these volunteers by almost twenty-five percent; the volunteers took vitamin D3 as a supplement for a year.
  4. Vitamin K2 (MK4), 0.005 mg – Vitamin K is a group of vitamins found in food and dietary supplements. Vitamin K2 belongs in this group, this vitamin is very important to the human body and has several essential benefits, such as reducing bone loss, helps maintain a stable testosterone level and assist the cardiovascular system in its functions, among other things. If you’re in the gym working out regularly, vitamin K2 is very important to you, especially if you’re lifting weights.
  5. Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCL), 1.25 mg – In a study made involving Vitamin B6, it was suggested that Vitamin B6 influences testosterone production of the testes, this vitamin may also have an effect on estrogen levels within the human body, thereby, affecting these hormones’ balance, and ultimately your overall health as well.
  6. Magnesium (as Magnesium Aspartate), 50 mg – Magnesium is a very important mineral to human beings, and it also functions as an electrolyte. In fact, Magnesium is very common in that function, and the lack of it may cause abnormal muscular weakness, cramping, and locking, inability to sustain exercise intensity for long periods, disorientation and confusion, and irregular heartbeat. Imagine these things happening while you’re working out. Never overlook the importance of this mineral/electrolyte to your overall health.
  7. Zinc (as Zinc Monomethionine), 2.5 mg – Zinc is an essential mineral that assists the human body in maintaining an ideal testosterone level, which could help you in your gym performance. In fact, a study was made involving wrestlers, that essentially proved that zinc was effective in helping this exhausted wrestler gain an ideal testosterone level and thereby, helping their athletic performance.
  8. D- Aspartic Acid, 575 mg – D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA), is a great supplement that increases testosterone levels in men that assist in the fast building of muscles. This amino acid regulator showed potential in improving male fertility. Research showed D-Aspartic Acid boosted testosterone of a group of men by forty-three percent in twelve days.

You are overcoming your plateau with TestRX.

Another great thing about TestRX is that it specifically targets a phase that all men who work out in the gym dread – the plateau. You are familiar with this situation because you are in the training plateau now. TestRX gives a solution on its website, on how to naturally break through it. Here is that guide with a few added information:

  1. Take a week off, relax your mind and body. Sometimes taking a break or stepping back gives you a completely different mindset on how to approach things. Organize your thoughts and revisit your goal.
  2. Drop sets, by doing this you’re giving muscles you have been using all this time a break, with the lighter load you’re actually using different muscles and could actually make you bigger.
  3. Post-failure heavy overload, by lifting heavier loads for fewer reps and taking a long rest, you’re coaxing your muscles to do more work.
  4. Lower super set reps this would keep your body guessing and would be better for your progression out of your plateau.
  5. Try assisted reps; sometimes, a helping hand could provide added motivation.
  6. Drop your reps, and this has been done to improve muscle mass, strength, and endurance.

Of course, you should let TestRX assist you in this challenge; you won’t regret your decision.

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Are there any perks available to you when you buy TestRX?

There’s one in particular that you’ll find interesting and, at the same time, assuring. If you buy TestRX, do so confidently because there’s a 67-day money-back guarantee if you’re not fully satisfied. That’s how confident the makers of TestRX are; they know you’ll be 100% satisfied with their all-natural supplement, that they’re willing to return your money otherwise.