What is Deadlift?

Romanian DeadliftTo perform a deadlift is very difficult but the best exercise. Lifting a weighted barbell off the ground with no help requires an immense amount of strength. A nice, attractive firm behind is a good way to attract members of the opposite sex and give yourself some extra self-confidence. While in general, it is the subject of a number of jokes, it is still quite often the first thing that someone sees you when they walk behind you in a crowded area, and there is no reason that your rear end cannot make as good a first impression as any other part of your body.

What is Romanian Deadlift?

In order to improve the stiffness also “sexiness” of your rear end, there are a number of different exercises you could try. But many people believe that one of the best exercises to get good buttocks is the Single legged Romanian Deadlift.

What is the Single Legged Romanian Deadlift?

The standard Romanian deadlift is a variation of a Powerlifting exercise that involves lifting a barbell or dumbbell of considerable weight off the ground. Your arms are not lifting the bar in the air as they do with standard bicep curls – rather your legs, back, and buttocks are being used to lift the bar and your arms are simply holding on.

The single-legged Romanian deadlift is very similar to the Romanian deadlift in execution except for two key differences:

  1. You are using only one leg.
  2. You are not (necessarily) using weights in the beginning.

How do you do the Romanian Deadlift?

To do the single legged deadlift, you start with your feet together and then kick one leg behind you so that you are balancing on only one leg. Your knee should be bent just a little. To perform the deadlift, slowly bend forward while pushing your rear end back and attempting to keep your back straight, and slowly try to touch your toe that is planted on the ground before slowly moving back up.

Once you start to get a feel for this, you can start adding some weight to the exercise by buying lower weighted dumbbells and holding them when you bend down towards your toes, resulting in some excess weight on your hips and waist. Its name “deadlift” is misleading because it is unlikely you will be lifting any dead weight off the ground, but it is a variation of the popular Powerlifting exercise that works very similar muscles.

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

Every movement you make needs to be deliberate – that means that when you move both up and down from your deadlift, you should be moving very slowly and not letting any momentum create the movement. This is especially important when you add weight to your workout as many people use the weights to swing themselves back up, which will have no effect on the muscles in their rear and back.

What does the Romanian Deadlift Work?

By performing the single-legged Romanian deadlift regularly, you can achieve a tighter, firmer, more attractive rear end in a very short amount of time. However, one of the added benefits of this workout is that you will not need to verify it is working you – the extra attention you get will do that for you.

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