Calves have always occupied a backseat to other “look at me” muscles such as the chest, arms, and abs. Even the quads get more care than the weak and puny lower leg followers. Ever to stay in the glooms of the more popular body shares, the calves require additional TLC, or more like a brutal beating. Any haughty goal requires a well-thought-out strategy of action, ripe with careful selections in frequency, volume, rep ranges, and exercise selection. Two of the more common moves to build some real calf meat are the standing and seated calf raise. Two very different steps with the same goal: to pack on muscle, though, each has their very own unique functions concerning where exactly the stress is attentive. Let’s look a little earlier at these two classic movements and see which will boost your improvements for a new pair of diamond-shaped inferior legs. So, clear your insights of bouncing calf raises appended at the end of your test and open your mind to more procedure and function and which shapes bigger calves.

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Standing calf raise

The standard calf raise is a workout that can be performed on many pieces of gear. The most crucial issue to consider is the knee angle. Whether complete on a standing calf mechanism, leg press, squat, or Smith machine, a normal leg position is vital.

Fix your shoulders below the pads or bar and your feet mortar straight on the calf block. Keep the least of bends in your knees throughout the entire action without bending your legs. If you have trouble custody your legs rigid, lock your knees and turn your quads. Inferior your heels until you feel a bottomless stretch and silence for a count. Opposite the action and flex your calves up assertive with the balls of your feet pending, you are thin to the max and flex at the top for a total.


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Pros: The overwhelming advantage of a straight leg calf increase is the amount of stress it sits on the gastrocnemius muscle – the muscle that dishonesties on the outside spinal of the calf and gives you that upside-down emotion shape. The chief anxiety to significantly exceed this area is to keep the laps straight without distributing the pressure to the soleus muscle situated underneath. Training the gastrocnemius, this method will give your calves width from the side and confidential width.

Cons: Bouncing is the highest noticeable practice for those exercise calves in general. Filling too much weight and half crouching up using your knees in hopes of congestion the calves with massive quantities of influence will get you nowhere fast. You will develop frustrated and relegate your calves to the big reason in the sky: heredities. Also, the straight leg form does very slightly for the all-important soleus power.

Seated calf raise

The seated form of the calf raise takes on an entirely new meaning when it comes to what it pressures the most. As it mostly works the soleus muscle (located beneath the gastrocnemius and running sideways the length of the entire calf introducing to the Achilles tendon), it is best did with at least a 90-degree angle at the lap.

Sit on a sat calf machine with the pads ended your thighs, and a 90-degree angle or a little less at your laps. Lower the heaviness slowly (not rapidly) until you are at full extension — silence for a moment to prevent any shrinking action of the calf muscle. Gradually increase the weight by the balls of your feet (not your toes) up to reduction and squeeze for a total.

Pros: As the only bodybuilding to position your knees to work your soleus muscle efficiently, the seated calf raise will pressure the thick tissue under the gastrocnemius and give your calf breadth toward the outside of your inferior leg. Unidentified too many, the soleus makes up a considerable portion of the calf area and, if appropriately industrialized, will add to the overall size and shape. The conventional leg, the standing version, is fewer effective at developing the soleus.


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Cons: As foretold, the seated version is not many activators for the gastrocnemius power. Mostly for the soleus, the viewpoint of the knee dictates where the pressure will go. Of course, as with any calf workout, bouncing and using too abundant weight are norms that will stop gains and increase injury. Perform any calf drive with control and a full variety of motion.

The verdict

Since these two all-stars work different parts of the calf and full, global growth is your goal, including both in your monotonous, is a wise choice. Victors in their own right, either execution both versions at all training sessions or alternating angles, each workout are the best plan for bigger and stronger calves. 

Also, try using altered pieces of training gear to keep things interesting such as the leg press, Smith mechanism, one-legged dumbbell increases, and dumbbell seated raises.