Synthol AbuseHave you ever met a guy claiming to be a bodybuilder and wonder if it is a creature that has just landed on earth after an unplanned descent from the hell knows where? I bet once in a while you’ve seen, especially on the media, guys with sagging swollen muscles pose with faked courage bragging to be muscular, yet all they have is spongy body tissue. They indeed look like clones or mutants of unknown genetic coding. Wonder no more, the guys use, if not abuse, Synthol whose effect in the body is better imagined than experienced.

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I am damn sure that a sober man in his right mind will never dare indulge in such funny stuff. Despite the ugly outcome, individuals using this keep increasing at an alarming rate day in day out. But why do they have to? Read through and get the whole reason as to why they do.

What Synthol Actually is?

Synthol is primarily site enhancement oil used by body builders to mimic muscle development yet the formulation itself is not a muscle developing agent. It is a mere concoction comprised of alcohol, lidocaine, and Synthol in the ratio of 7.5%, 7.5%, and 85% respectively. The bodybuilders inject this enhancement oil in their bodies so as to appear more muscular, but unfortunately, the muscles end up being disproportionate and lagging.

This fluffing indeed gives a totally weird look at times. Injection of this oil has been very common since no regulations to restrict it have been put into place yet. This gives the sole reason why there are several brands found on the internet and other related avenues. The most horrifying aspect of this oil is that once injected into the appropriate region; the effects take place just almost immediately. Yes, I said immediately.

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It is interesting to find out that pumped muscles look spongy and soft, appearing like a gigantic balloon prone to burst anytime when pricked by any sharp item around. This is the big reason why the product sells fast as many of the users are those too weak and lazy to train in a long term gym or need body built overnight. All they want is a big muscle body. It is funny how they seem to evade the famous, no pain, no gain cliché but end up being like deformed mutants in the name of professional bodybuilders. But Synthol usage is to blame in this entire affair.

Synthol Abuse : Why Body Builders Using It?

Synthol Side EffectsYou may be of course surprised that with all the info you have about Synthol, you still meet with it all over the internet at nearly every click on some sites, adds or adverts. Your surprise should be no more; you are soon going to know why such a product is still popular. To start you off, get to know that unlike steroids, Synthol is legal hence buying and selling of it among individuals is unthinkably rampant. The lack of rules or legislations governing or curbing its trade has led to its surpassing usage.

Also, its recent adoption in some countries like those found in Latin America has fueled the persistent use. This clearly explains why Synthol abuse is more common in nations such as Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil. Your guess, could, therefore, be as good as mine that majority of the users hails from these countries.

Synthol is also taken as the alternative to hectic, weightlifting and a shortcut evade enduring those difficult moments in the gym as well as workouts. It is the quickest and easiest route to looking big without having to undergo those moments of continued training and strain. This appeals to youngsters who fail to train or just jump into bodybuilding adequately.

Synthol Side Effects & Risks

Choices will always have consequences. The effects that this stuff leaves in the user’s body are far reaching. Other than leaving you looking like a deformed giant with inflated muscles, the seriousness of other health implications are unfathomable. Microorganisms such as the opportunistic Staphylococcus aureus bacteria get entry into the body through the injection site causing infections. Muscle necrosis begin to take place leading to the accumulation of pus, and later inflammation occurs. The affected parts become gangrenous and may eventually result in unexpected amputations in the case of the limbs.

Crazy BulkAlso, Synthol has been found to cause nerve damage, pulmonary embolism as well as predisposing one to stroke and other related cardiovascular diseases. The formation of oil-filled granulomas and cysts may take place too. In some instances, allergic reactions occur, leading to conditions such as vasculitis.

To sum it all up, in case the ugly looks do not meet the threshold to help you keep off from this product, then these life-threatening adverse effects will make you resolve never to use Synthol at any given time.

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