Deca durabolin is a steroid which alone may not be able to help you but if combined along with other steroids, can be very beneficial. This steroid is generally added in the bulking cycles in other to build up lean mass in the body. Adding deca steroid in the cycle of testosterone of dbol will give you amazing results within no time. The only reason why it is always better to add other supplements along with deca durabolin is that when you combine it with other supplements the side effects of durabolin are minimized, making you only benefit from it.

Life of Deca Durabolin

In most cases deca durabolin (Deca Steroid) will excrete from your body within 21 days but there is a possibility that it can excrete in 6 days also. It all depends from person to person because there are some who have seen traces in their body even after months of consuming this steroid. So be very careful in case it is not allowed to be used in your country or profession then there is a chance that you can be found guilty even after month of consuming it.

decaduro-decadurabolin (Deca Steroid)

Where to find Deca Durabolin

The best way to get authentic deca durabolin is to contact the producers directly from an authentic website, as there are a lot of fake producers of this steroids. If unfortunately you get in trap of a fake producer and start consuming tis steroid then you may find yourself in some serious issues. One of the most popular and authentic producer of deca durabolin is crazy bulk. The steroid provided by this company is 100% legal, original and safe to use therefore you do not have to worry at all about the authenticity of the products bought from this site. This steroid by crazy bulk is offered by the name Deca duro, so don’t get confused as Deca durabolin is just the medical term used for this product. The formula is the same, it’s just the name.

Side effects

Deca Steroid can only have side effects if it is used alone or over dosed but otherwise combining it with other steroids will minimize its side effects to almost none. Deca durabolin can be combined with testosterone in order to minimize its side effects, but the ratio of both the steroids you consume matters a lot. The ideal ratio of consuming deca durabolin along with testosterone is 3:2, which means if you are using 600mg of testosterone per week then your consumption of deca durabolin should not exceed more than 400 mg in that week. Other than testosterone, deca steroid can also be combined with dbol.

Even though both when these steroid are used together it minimizes the side effects but it doesn’t mean there cannot be any. Water retention and growth of male breasts can one of the most deadly side effects a consumer can come across while consuming these steroids, whereas there are other side effects of using these steroids also like; heavy hair loss and enlarged prostates.